Introducing A Revolutionary Proptech platform – Leveraging Distressed Assets and Urban Storage

Spacenet Enterprises India Ltd (NSE: SPCENET), a well-established company listed on the National Stock Exchange, through its subsidiary, Thalassa Enterprises Pvt Ltd is launching This groundbreaking proptech platform is set to transform the distressed assets and urban storage realty space by bridging the gap between distress value and real market value.

India’s distressed market value currently stands at an astonishing $150 billion USD, and Spacenet Enterprises India through its subsidiary Thalassa Enterprises Pvt Ltd is fully prepared to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. utilizes an unique approach to leverage the difference between distress value and real market value, opening up tremendous potential for investors and stakeholders alike.

The Indian proptech market is experiencing rapid expansion and is projected to reach a value of $100 billion by 2030. Recognizing this immense growth potential, Spacenet Enterprises India Ltd ‘s subsidiary Thalassa Enterprises Pvt Ltd is strategically positioning itself to secure a significant share of this burgeoning market. With, the company aims to establish a dominant presence in the proptech sector.

One particular focus area for is the nascent urban storage segment in India. With the global market size estimated at $100 billion, there is a clear demand for innovative solutions that address the pressing issue of limited space in urban areas. will play a crucial role in revolutionizing storage practices by providing state-of-the-art attic storage alternatives. The platform will cater to diverse clientele, including corporates, bankers, CA firms, householders, and broking firms, offering efficient and secure document storage solutions.

“We are thrilled to introduce to the market, offering a game-changing solution for distressed assets and urban storage,” expressed Prakash Dasigi, Executive Director of Spacenet. “With our platform, we aim to unlock the tremendous potential of the proptech sector and create significant value for all our shareholders.”

As part of its growth strategy, Spacenet Enterprises India plans to list its subsidiary Thalassa Enterprises on the National Stock Exchange in 2024, providing an exciting opportunity for investors to participate in the company’s proptech ventures. This strategic move further solidifies Spacenet’s commitment to delivering value to its shareholders while capitalizing on the vast proptech potential in the Indian market.


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