IP-COM Announces New Enterprise Routers ‘M80’ & ‘M50’

—Dual-core processors with enhanced security for redundant networking and hotspots—

New Delhi, India: July 1, 2023 – Upgrading your IT infrastructure requires a lot of planning. Planning well ahead to keeping in mind the requirement for future performance and upscaling while substantially reducing upgrade costs is key to any enterprise’s IT infrastructure. And ensuring that these requirements are met by your IT team, IP-COM announces two new Enterprise Router + APs Controller + Multi WAN Ports that are robust enough to handle loads, while offering redundancy. Presenting the M80 — a 300-Users Enterprise Router and M50 — a 200-Users Enterprise Router for small to medium-sized enterprises.

M80 300-Users Enterprise Router & 200 APs Controller

The M80 is a Gigabit enterprise router designed for high-requirement users including enterprises, hotels, and community bandwidth operations. The router is equipped with a dual-core special 1.4GHz dual-core network processor with 4GB of high-speed DDR3 RAM. It adopts IP-COM enterprise system firmware using a built-in intelligent AP management system, which can automatically distribute and maintain automatic AP configuration. It supports WEB account password authentication, WEB key authentication, PPPoE Server access authentication mode, and a few other securities which can meet the access authentication requirements under different scenarios. In addition, it also supports multiple WAN bandwidth superposition and load balancing, behavior management, VPN, intelligent bandwidth control, USB file sharing, and many more features. The M80 features 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, four of which can be configured for either WAN or LAN, based on the requirement for WAN redundancy or LAN sharing. It can support a maximum of 300 users, 500 Web users, 200 PPPoE users, 32 VPN users, and 15 QVLAN users, apart from 200 Access Points with support for AP wireless configuration and automatic download. The M80 also features IPSec/L2TP VPN with a maximum of 32 concurrent tunnels.

M50 200-Users Enterprise Router & 100 APs Controller

The M50 a Multi-WAN Hotspot Router is designed for the implementation of intelligent AP management systems. It supports a multi-authentication management system, and various enterprise-oriented functions including filter management, intelligent bandwidth management, PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN, and multi-WAN. It features an 800MHz dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports offering support for up to 4 LAN / WAN configurations for load balancing with smart bandwidth control. Additionally, it also features a built-in AP controller that can seamlessly manage up to 100 Access Points. It supports a maximum user capacity of 200 users, 3900 new sessions, 55,000 concurrent sessions, and 300 captive portal accounts.

Pricing and Availability

IP-COM M80 300-Users and M50 200-Users Enterprise Router is available through authorized IP-Com partners and other reseller channels (price on request). Email: support.in@ip-com.com.cn

About IP-COM:

Established in 2007, IP-COM Networks Co., Ltd specializes in commercial networking devices, providing high-speed, secure, easy-maintenance networking devices and solutions for enterprises. With unceasing efforts in technological innovation and marketing, IP-COM has become a global leading manufacturer and supplier of enterprise networking products and commercial networking solutions. Currently, IP-COM provides extensive product lines including Enterprise Routers & Switches, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), WLAN, ProFi System and Accessories. IP-COM never stops pursuing the core value of customer satisfaction. By constant improvement of product development, supply and service, IP-COM devotes all efforts to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance products and service.

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