It was NOT an Eve-teasing, it was MOLESTATION that happened to me

A tale of modern love story that will leave you thinking…

Kate, the protagonist of this fiction story, her character stems from a similar harsh incident that the author had experienced in her own life as well, and people called it ‘eve-teasing’ when it isn’t. In fact, many young girls who go through this, are consoled with the statement- “It’s okay, try to forget, it’s not only you…”. But such incidents can have a deep psychological effect on their minds, and their perspectives.

Dr. Eisha Sethi is a medical professional, but her creative mind finds art in every field where she passionately indulges herself.

She loves spending quality time with her family, and that includes her loving and constantly increasing Instagram family, ‘go4klass’ too, who made her believe that she can write. Eisha has taken every piece of appreciation from the followers as an encouraging pat on her back. Her strokes are clear and bold when she writes blogs and quotations about the extremely sensitive topics related to Mental health and social issues to spread awareness and impact lives, positively.

“Unexpected Day after that Night” is Eisha’s first Romance Novel. In this, the author shares her perspective, to a certain extent, through Kate.

‘Unexpected Day after that Night’ is a new adult, contemporary romance fictional story.

Thirteen-year-old Kate is nowhere to be found in school until her best friend finds her in a secluded corner, sitting alone and crying. After being brutally molested, Kate is anxious to let love in her life thereafter. She shuns romance and intimacy as a result. She is scared for her life every time she steps out. Enter Ross. A young, charming guy, who is persistent to take down the high protective walls around her. But he has his own demons chasing him, unknown to Kate.

Ugliness ensues when two troubled individuals bare their hearts open to each other.

Will the beautiful, sensitive Kate find her true love after all, or will she suffer an epic heartbreak because she let Ross into her life?


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