ITMYNFT launches NFT cross-chain marketplace and token sale

ITMYNFT announces its launch of NFT marketplace and presale of its native token IMN where the platform aims to solve interoperability.

ITMYNFT intends to address the interoperability issues that are jeopardizing the growth of NFT coins and related projects.

The platform announces the launch of the NFT marketplace which has a user-friendly structure. In addition, the presale of ITMYNFT’s native token IMN will begin in December 2021, coinciding with the debut of the NFT cross-chain marketplace.

The platform is a decentralized NFT marketplace that intends to address the current challenges afflicting NFT utilities. Besides, ITMYNFT wants to accelerate the adoption of NFT to the users and aspires to advance future NFTs.

ITMYNFT is a platform for next-generation NFT that provides cross-blockchain support to promote the NFT ecosystem. The platform will be community-driven and governed, while the native token of ITMYNFT is IMN. Consequently, the platform provides NFT games with a “play-to-earn” mechanism where players can win rewards as real money. It also allows users to create NFT arts instantly and can stake, farm, earn using the farming protocols.

NFT Marketplace And IMN Presale

Significantly, ITMYNFT builds a user-friendly platform that provides easy access for users as the platform aims for the global adoption of NFT. ITMYNFT is on a mission to build a marketplace that connects all NFT projects, and it natively supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Matic NFTs.

ITMYNFT is focused on keeping rates low and preserving developers’ interests, in particular to enhancing user experience and facilitating cross-chain adoption of NFTs. It will also help to create an infrastructure that supports the multiplicity of NFT creative forms.

Furthermore, the native token of IMTYNFT is IMN which has a total supply of 2,500,000 tokens. From the total supply of IMN, 10% of IMN will be distributed as airdrops to the crypto community, with the remaining 50% sold during the presale events. To know more details about the presale event, users may get further updates from the official website.

ITMYNFT is a decentralized NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain for creating and selling NFTs. The platform is the first NFT cross-chain marketplace that is dedicated to building the most user-friendly and interoperable NFT platform that rewards its holders. The project began development in the second half of 2021, and a token pre-sale is presently underway.

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