IVM Podcasts Partners With SBI Life for ‘Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye’ , An Inspiring Podcast Of Exceptional Individuals

India’s premiere podcast network IVM Podcasts has collaborated with SBI Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies for a podcast, ‘Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye’. The famous audio personality and actor, Rohini Ramanathan has been brought on board to host the podcast.

‘Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye’ offers listeners a unique opportunity to explore the inspiring stories of achievers who have managed to excel in their respective careers while nurturing the dreams and aspirations of their families. The podcast features heartfelt conversations with remarkable individuals who have struck a perfect equilibrium between personal and professional success. With guests like financial expert like Pranjal Kamra, digital content creator Ramneek Singh, entrepreneur and social reformer Aditya Tiwari, founder of Slum Soccer Vijay Barse, renowned actor Spruha Joshi, the show will bring forth a diverse range of accomplished individuals who have made a profound impact both in their careers and in the lives of their loved ones.

With a strong focus on customers and a steadfast dedication to ensuring financial protection and security, SBI Life is committed to empowering individuals in their pursuit of fulfilling lives. In collaboration with IVM Podcasts, renowned for its exceptional storytelling through podcasts, SBI Life has presented this podcast which encourages individuals to actively pursue their passions while fostering deep and meaningful relationships with their loved ones. IVM Podcasts has formed numerous partnerships of this nature, enabling brands to share significant narratives that resonate with their core values and reach a broader audience by harnessing the compelling power of storytelling.

Commenting on the partnership, Amit Doshi, Head, IVM Podcasts- Pratilipi said “We have seen great demand for motivational podcasts that not only inspire but also actively contribute to personal growth. Our partnership with SBI Life aims to cater to individuals who actively seek content that elevates their lives. Through such collaborations, our objective is to create impactful content in the form of podcasts, enabling brands to effectively engage with their audiences by delivering relatable and engaging narratives.” IVM Podcasts has established a name for itself in the podcast market for its strong concept driven podcast portfolio across comedy, motivational, entertainment, finance genres to name a few.

Listeners can tune in to ‘Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye’ on SBI Life Insurance Youtube channel.

Link to the podcast- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYMVhsNOhhI&t=5s

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