Japanese Brand LUX.R Selects Singapore As The Destination For Its First Foray Into The Luxury Consignment Market

Japanese brand LUX.R is entering Singapore’s secondhand luxury scene, marking its first foray into the luxury consignment market. This new venture provides Singaporeans with a premier platform for local buyers and sellers of authentic Hermès and Chanel items.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 14 February
2022 – Singaporeans interested in secondhand luxury
now have a new platform to turn to, as Japanese brand LUX.R
officially enters the local luxury consignment market.

Specialising in Hermès and Chanel items, this is LUX.R’s first
venture into secondhand luxury consignment.

The Emerging Profile of
the Secondhand Luxury Shopper in Singapore

The shopper profile of the luxury sector has changed in recent
years, with an increase in Millennials and Generation Z (aged
early 20s to early 40s).

Many are opting for luxury consignment or ‘resale’ due to tightened
paychecks, wider knowledge of luxury fashion, and heightened awareness of the
investment value of selected luxury items.

LUX.R draws on its top-quality Japanese model of personalised customer-centric
service and in-depth know-how of Japanese C2C marketplace to provide an
accessible and personalised platform for luxury consignment in Singapore. The
strong backing and depth of experience from its Japanese counterparts allows
LUX.R to possess a unique understanding of the needs of buyers and consignment

This expansion signals LUX.R’s recognition of the growing secondhand
luxury market in Singapore and provides premium services for clients who value
high-worth desirability and exclusivity of authentic luxury goods.

A Luxury Consignment
Platform for Authentic, Diverse, and Iconic Luxury

LUX.R focuses primarily on Hermès and Chanel items – 2 of the most popular luxury brands amongst shoppers. As an
avenue for C2C resale, LUX.R has strict processes to guarantee authenticity for
luxury items. This addresses the needs of new and returning customers, as LUX.R
is a reliable source for trusted transactions.

LUX.R also recognises that customers have a wider interest in the
types of resale items. Competitive commission rates of 5% for Hermès Birkin and
Kelly bags, and 10% for other brands or models, allow LUX.R to attract a
catalogue of unique and varied items in diverse styles and categories.

Finally, LUX.R’s white glove service creates a personalised
experience to maintain a sense of tailored exclusivity, provide a premium
service without compromising the shopping experience, and uphold the high-quality
image of iconic luxury items.

Providing a Premium Luxury
Consignment Platform for Clients in Singapore

LUX.R’s white glove service and focus on Hermès and Chanel allows it
to meet the current expectations and needs of the growing secondhand luxury market
in Singapore.


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