JARVIS Invest launches JARVIS Protect to equip investors with stock exit strategies to optimize their portfolio

· JARVIS Protect will provide recommendations on when to exit the stock and book profits or minimize loss

· Any investor with a minimum portfolio of five stocks can avail this service

Bangalore, January 07, 2023: JARVIS Invest, India’s first AI based investment advisory platform, has launched JARVIS Protect, a risk management service that will enable investors to book profits and cut losses from any portfolio uploaded on JARVIS system. This is their second product after the successful launch of JARVIS portfolio.

Often, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investors build their stocks portfolio based on unsolicited tips and rumours, without any authentic and validated exit calls. This leads to accumulation of junk or irrelevant stocks costing investors their fair returns. JARVIS Protect is designed to address the challenge that DIY retail investors’ face – knowing when to exit a stock/strategy and thus book profits or minimize losses. This service will act as an efficient risk management tool for investors thereby helping them turn their underperforming portfolio into a winning one. The service will be available at affordable prices for any portfolio in the Indian equity markets.

JARVIS Protect will equip investors with stock exit strategies in the following ways:

· Alerts the user to either book profits or cut losses against the stocks held in an existing portfolio

· Minimum investment to be able to use Jarvis Protect is as low as having at least five stocks in the portfolio

· No minimum tenure requirement as it will keep recommending exit strategies, until you clean up your portfolio

· Rebalancing recommendations based on free risk profiling on the basis of individual risk appetite and timely alerts for the same

JARVIS Protect, like the portfolio tool, is also completely AI run and free from human bias. JARVIS takes into account 1.2 crore data points to make its recommendations to the investor. It also provides solutions by analyzing the common problems faced by an investor while managing a portfolio on their own.

Speaking on JARVIS Protect, Sumit Chanda, Founder and CEO, JARVIS Invest said, “Long term wealth creation is not just about buying stocks at the right time and price, but also about knowing when to exit a stock or exit a portfolio. With sharp surge in the number of demat accounts in India, it becomes critical to empower investors to make informed decisions and help them manage the risks that come with investing in equities. Retail investors typically miss golden years of investing by either holding on to non-performing stocks for a long period or by investing in stocks that do not suit their individual risk appetite/investing goals. Timely exit or booking profits is only as good as your decision making, and we believe that our AI-driven platform providing bias free suggestions will assist an investor in his journey of wealth creation. Jarvis Protect will provide investors with timely stock exit strategies and portfolio rebalancing. Our AI-driven model has a high downside accuracy which makes JARVIS Protect relevant to all investors.”

Through JARVIS Protect, the company further aims to simplify the decision making for investors and assist in efficient portfolio creation.

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