Jawahar Foundation launches two water ATMs in Bhilwara and Ajmer districts of Rajasthan

Jawahar Foundation is on a mission to provide affordable and clean drinking water across Rajasthan through its water ATM Project “Swabhiman Jal”

May 23 2022, Jaipur: Jawahar Foundation, an initiative by Mr Riju Jhujhunwala (Chairman and Managing Director of RSWM Ltd) kick-started its much-anticipated Water ATM Project “Swabhiman Jal” with the launch of two water ATM centres in Banera (Shahpura, Bhilwara) and Sursura (Kishangargh, Ajmer) regions of Rajasthan.

The Banera centre was inaugurated on Saturday, May 21 by Raja Saheb of Banera, Rajadhiraj Shri Gopal Charan Sisodia along with Mr Ashish Modi, SDM of Bhilwara, while the Sursura centre is scheduled for launch on Sunday, May 22.

Post inauguration, the water ATMs in the two regions will provide safe, affordable and clean drinking water, which is the basic necessity of life, to the residents of Banera and Sursura at a mere price of Rs 7 for 20 litres of water.

The initiative is a part of the dream project of Mr Jhunjhunwala of providing clean water and nutritious food to the people of Rajasthan. After successfully addressing the issue of food security through Jawahar Foundation’s popular community kitchen programme “Swabhiman Bhoj”, this water ATM project displays his commitment to the people of Rajasthan to ensure they get affordable and clean drinking water.

Speaking about the project at the inauguration ceremony, Mr Jhunjhunwala, founder of Jawahar Foundation said, “Rajasthan is known as “Marubhoomi”- a state affected by the water crisis. But water is a basic necessity of life, and everyone needs to have the access to clean and safe drinking water. Our foundation understands it and is trying to provide it in regions where people are suffering from the problem of water scarcity, particularly in summers. Through our project “Swabhiman Jal”, we aim to provide a long-term solution to the water crisis in Rajasthan at an affordable price in an organised manner. The beneficiary will be provided with a smart card through which they will be charged a fee of Rs 7 for 20 litres of pure drinking water.”

“As global warming is likely to increase the problem of water scarcity in the coming decades, our foundation is committed to finding a solution for optimum water conservation. As a part of our strategy, we aim to protect and regenerate nature. To achieve this objective, we are glad to support and collaborate with innovators across Rajasthan in finding unique solutions for the challenges surrounding water conservation and sanitation” he added.

Jawahar foundation has installed water coolers in different parts of Rajasthan to provide clean drinking water to the public. The Jawahar water conservation project, an initiative of the Jawahar Foundation, focuses on reviving the local water bodies. Recently, they filled Pushkar lake with 38 lakh litres of water.

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