Jerphy: A Platform For Make in India Products That Aims To Improve The Healthcare Infrastructure In The Country

In the year 2017, three individuals decided to join hands and form a company that would work towards resolving the issues plaguing the healthcare sector and offer vendors with a platform that would make it easier for them to provide their services to people across the country. While Himansu brought his expertise in the field of prosthetics and orthotics to Jerphy, Ramesh’s experience as an investment banker helped in setting up the financial foundation for the company. Rakesh, the third member of this dynamic team, used his marketing knowledge to position the company properly in the marketplace.

With an aim to become a leading e-medical service application in India, the initial products of the company were launched under the brand name While offering different kinds of services in the healthcare sector, the company remained firm in its resolution of dealing with only Make In India products. In a very short span of time, Jerphy has managed to register a huge footprint for itself in the healthcare sector. Till date, the company has dealt with close to 10,000 hospitals in the country.

Talking about the goal which drives Jerphy’s operations, Founder Rakesh says, “The healthcare sector in India had always faced a lot of challenges. We identified some of those issues and decided to work on them one by one. We have helped countless local vendors build a brand for themselves and be active participant in the healthcare sector on a national level. As we follow the ‘Make In India’ model, our service proves to be beneficial to both the vendors and the country. Apart from creating brand values in the global market, our company’s initiatives will contribute towards increasing the value of the Indian currency.”

Jerphy has strived towards producing Make In India healthcare products that are not only of very high-quality but cost-effective as well. More than 200 hundred sellers are already registered with the flagship products of the company that have been introduced in different categories like healthcare and sports. Within 4 years Jerphy has managed to work with more than 10,000 Hospitals and Clinics in PAN India.

Though the focus of the company is on healthcare, it understands the importance of brand building and innovative marketing.

Shedding light on the achievements of the company, co-founder Himanshu says, “Though we started out just 4-5 years back, we have managed to achieve many milestones thanks to the hard work and dedicated efforts put in by our team. A couple of months back, the valuation of our company stood at Rs. 2 crores. Since then, we have grown exponentially. We launched our official website in September 2019. We were named the third most conversion site on Google.”

Jerphy’s focus is on helping vendors connect with hospitals and all kinds of customers with effortless ease. Offering good services conveniently is what the company aims for. This is one factor that has contributed greatly to the rise of the company.

Elaborating on this further, founder Rakesh shares, “We developed this platform where the feature e-negotiation enables individuals to bargain or negotiate prices online and procure products at very reasonable rates. While customers can pay through cards and digital wallets, we also provide them with the option of COD or cash-on-delivery. Along with Pan India delivery services, we offer them live video demonstration of products before the shipment.”

In the last couple of years, several brands have contributed towards revolutionizing the e-commerce sector in different ways. In the healthcare sector, the arrival of Jerphy has been no less than a remarkable event. In a very short span of time, the company has revolutionized the way healthcare services are provided in the digital space and have set a benchmark that most companies will find difficult to match up. Its commitment towards improving the healthcare sector, while adhering to the principles of Make In India, has helped it stand out and leave a distinguishable mark in a highly competitive marketplace.

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