Jotun signs commercial agreement with leading shipowner Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. to accelerate sustainability efforts with Hull Skating Solutions

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OutReach – 11 January 2022 – Jotun, the
leading provider of high-performance hull coatings for the global maritime
industry, has entered into a commercial agreement with US-based shipowner Eagle
Bulk Shipping Inc. for adoption of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions to enhance
vessel performance by minimizing biofouling.

Under the new partnership, Eagle Bulk’s bulk carrier Shanghai Eagle has
been selected to use Jotun’s unique automated hull-cleaning solution that
ensures an “always clean hull” over a vessel’s full sailing interval, thereby
reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Jotun Hull Skating Solutions,
developed with advanced technology, is the latest innovation in the hull
performance category and the first of its kind in the world that utilizes data
analytics, robotics and coatings to carry out proactive cleaning to eradicate
early-stage fouling.

The portable system, which is operated through a robotic device known as
the HullSkater, is stored onboard the vessel to allow for fast response to
conduct thorough underwater inspections and clean the hull when required. The
device also helps to preserve the marine ecosystem by minimizing the spread of
non-indigenous marine organisms, as well as contributing to lower atmospheric
emissions of CO2 through reduced fuel consumption as it lessens hull drag in
the water.

The partnership between Jotun and Eagle Bulk will assist the integrated
shipowner and operator of bulk carriers in accelerating its zero-carbon vision
as it takes a leading role in promoting sustainable growth in the maritime
industry through its environmental efforts. Commenting on the partnership, Eagle
Bulk’s Director of Technical Management Claus Jensen
said: “We at Eagle
Bulk Shipping Inc. are pleased with our partnership with Jotun to redefine the
next generation of hull and vessel performance.
We are both proud and elated to have signed this agreement and taken a
step towards decarbonization with Jotun Hull Skating Solutions. We also hope
this inspires others to even more industry partnerships and to engage in the
pursuit of reducing global carbon emissions.”

While the shipping sector has achieved some progress towards decarbonization,
it faces major challenges in reaching IMO goals to reduce emissions as
alternative low-carbon fuel technologies are not currently available at
sufficient price and scale to facilitate widespread implementation. Therefore, taking operational measures such as proactive
hull cleaning offer an immediate pathway to improve environmental performance.

Claudio Iurilli, Managing Director of Jotun Malaysia and Singapore commented: “We look at HullSkater as a
ground-breaking approach to biofouling management. We are absolutely delighted
that Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. understands the potential of the Jotun Hull
Skating Solutions when it comes to their business practices as well as the impact
it has on the environment as a whole. As a company, we strive to go beyond
improving operational efficiency by also focusing on concrete environmental goals
and fostering deeper relations with our community. This agreement is a step in
the right direction, and we are hopeful of its ripple effect to progressively
reaffirm how small changes can set the example for what a sustainable shipping
industry should look like in the future.”

The commercial agreement between Jotun and Eagle Bulk was officiated in
Singapore on the 2 December 2021.

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