KamaSutra Introduces Thinnest Condoms inIndia

• A pioneering innovationconceptualized to elevate pleasure
• 45 micron thin condoms provide skin to skin sensation
• Latest addition to premium range of KamaSutra thin condoms

Mumbai, May 12, 2022: KamaSutra, India’s leading sexual wellness brand from Raymond Consumer Care, today introducedthe thinnest condoms in India, SkinFeel. This latest innovation aims to offer anintimate experience that’s next to wearing nothing.

Mostconsumers, even though aware of the need,avoid the use ofcondomsas they consider it to be a hindrance during intimate moments. KamaSutra SkinFeel is designed to address this need and deliveran enhanced sexual experience, given its thinness of 45 microns.It provides the sensation of human touch and amplifiessexual pleasure, as if there is no barrier between partners.

The focus and purpose of KamaSutra Skinfeel is not only sexual wellness, but to offer an elevated pleasurable sexual experience, giving consumers all the more reason to use the condom. Though thin, KamaSutra Skinfeelis engineered to endure everything through the intense moments. Thinner than human hair, theseelectronically tested condoms offer the highestsafety and protection while allowing users to feelnatural closenessduring moments of intimacy.

Speaking about the campaign Pooja Sahgal, CMO, Raymond Consumer Care, said; “KamaSutra is one of the leading brands in the sexual wellness space in the country that revolutionized the concept of sex for pleasure.Our focus has always been to deliver not just protection during sex, but pleasurable intimate experiences for both partners. With the launch of KamaSutra SkinFeel, we aim to address the reluctance of condom usage and deliver elevated pleasure and experience to our consumers.”

With the pandemic receding and social lives getting back on track, it’s time to stay on the top of your game with KamaSutra SkinFeel. Proudly Made in India at RCCL’s Aurangabad manufacturing facility,SkinFeel is the latest and the thinnest addition to KamaSutra’s premium range of thin condoms, which also includes KamaSutra SuperThin and KamaSutra UltaThin Condoms. Priced at Rs. 90 for a pack of three, KamaSutra SkinFeel is available at medical stores, modern retail and leading e-commerce platforms in India.

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