Kargil War Hero & PVC Awardee Capt. (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav provides inspirational impetus to Vedanta Sesa Goa’s ‘Garv Se Vedanta for India campaign

December 19th, 2023: As part of Vedanta Sesa Goa’s ongoing campaign, ‘Garv Se-Vedanta for India’, Kargil War hero and Param Vir Chakra Awardee Capt. (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav virtually interacted with all employees of the Company on the eve of the 52nd Vijay Diwas. Earlier, as part of the Campaign, the recipient of the highest gallantry award of the land was felicitated in New Delhi.

During the virtual interaction, the ‘Hero of Tiger Hill’ inspired the attendees through an emphatic talk on the story of his life and experiences during the Kargil War and as part of his illustrious Army career. The virtual session was followed by a question-and-answer session, which witnessed enthusiastic participation from employees all across the 5-state and 2-continent Geography of Sesa Goa.

Extolling the virtues of maintaining a positive state of mind and inspiring ourselves through role models, Capt. (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav, PVC, speaking during the virtual interaction stated “It is paramount to maintain a positive state of mind through all situations in life, even when I was staring at near death, I maintained my positive orientation to not only survive but to also complete my mission at all costs. I was inspired by the stories of my father, who had successfully fought in the 1965 and 1971 wars, and by the feats of the likes of CQMH Abdul Hamid, PVC. No job is small and in fact, the smallest of the tasks are the most critical and we should do our best in our roles and that is how I was able to contribute in a big way during the Kargil War despite being a junior ranked soldier.”

The virtual interaction was enthusiastically viewed live across various social media platforms and stood for its unique and inspirational significance. Speaking on, Navin Jaju, CEO, Sesa Goa expressed, “It is a matter of immense pride and honour for the entire 6000+ strong Vedanta Sesa Goa ‘family’ to be hosting the ‘real Hero’ of our Nation as part of our ‘Garv Se-Vedanta for India’ campaign. His unparalleled contribution will forever be our guiding beacon in our quest to contribute to Nation building. Taking inspiration from our gallant soldiers, we at Vedanta are committed to ‘giving back’ to society and the Nation. Inspired by the words of Capt. (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav, PVC, we renew our pledge to be a force for good and to work towards the prosperity and development of our Nation.”

As a precursor to the virtual interaction, Capt. (Hony.) Yogendra Singh Yadav, PVC, was felicitated in New Delhi in a ceremony that served as a profound reflection of the respect and gratitude expressed by all employees of Vedanta Sesa Goa. Handwritten letters, and heartfelt salutations, were presented to the ‘living legend’ acknowledging his unparalleled service to the Nation and his selfless devotion to the Motherland. The ceremony was carried out by Ms. Sandhya Malik, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Vedanta Sesa Goa & Mr. Nand Kishore Bhatt, Chief Security Officer, Vedanta Sesa Goa.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Sandhya Malik, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Vedanta Sesa Goa said “ ‘Garv Se Vedanta for India’ is a of its kind campaign wherein we have taken inspiration from the unwavering commitment, unflinching loyalty, countless sacrifices and the spirit of ‘giving back’ of our Armed Forces and in particular the PVC awardees during the Kargil War. Through the Campaign we aimed to showcase and renew Vedanta Sesa Goa’ commitment to ‘giving back’ to the society and to contribute to Nation-building. It is indeed a great honour to have been able to present to Capt (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav, PVC, the letters, and heartfelt salutations expressed by our employees, as a mark of respect and gratitude to his unparalleled devotion to the Nation.”

Epitomizing the spirit of ‘Giving Back’ and launched on 26th July 2023, Kargil Vijay Diwas, as a prelude to the 77th Independence Day of India, the ‘Garv Se-Vedanta for India’ campaign is conceptualised as a heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices rendered by our gallant soldiers & martyrs to protect our Motherland, who has generously bestowed us with countless bounties. Through a series of engaging events and activities, including the penning of letter and messages as part of heartfelt salutations to the PVC awardees of the Kargil War, the Campaign underscored Vedanta Sesa Goa’s unwavering dedication to India’s journey of progress and its steadfast commitment to nation-building.

Vedanta Sesa Goa’s ‘Garv Se-Vedanta for India’ initiative stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to honoring the heroes who have selflessly served our nation. As the company commemorates this significant chapter in our nation’s history it not only recognizes the past but also paves the way for a future where the values of sacrifice and dedication continue to shape the destiny of our great nation.

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