Keep your skin soft and safe with Savlon Glycerine Soap

~This winter season switch your harsh soap with Savlon Glycerin soap which will make your skin soft with a germ protection trust~

Hygiene has become a way of life for all. With consumer needs evolving, personal hygiene has progressed from providing only protection to ensuring value-added skincare benefits as well. As the season of dry skin knocks at our doors it becomes even more important to use skin products that locks skin’s natural moisture in.

Skin’s natural oils are often stripped during the bathing process, whether from hot water or harsh products, but not with Savlon Glycerine Soap, which is a unique offering from ITC Savlon that addresses the dual need of soft skin along with germ protection.

Infused with glycerine, in addition to 99.9% Germ protection* efficacy, the Savlon Glycerine soap has been designed to offer effective defence against harmful germs while leaving the skin feeling soft.

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