Knackit is Fuelling Creator Economy for Tier-2 and Tier-3 influencers

The Pandemic has impacted many aspects of life, from how people live to how they choose a career path. We are no longer constrained to focus solely on industrialization; instead, we are starting to focus on the creator economy. Now we’re on our way to new possibilities for everyone who possesses some unique quality themselves.

If we try to understand the term “Creator Economy”, it is like two flip sides of a coin where on one side, a creator or influencer can create their content, become famous and earn money from it. And on the other side, fans or viewers can help those creators to monetize their creatives by supporting them through various platforms. In a nutshell, the Creator Economy is determined by two fundamental pillars: influencers and audiences.

As time has been changing and people are looking forward to new ideas and possibilities to grow, the economy for creators is expanding too. Over the last 18 months, the population of people interested in this field has increased. Moreover, a large number of investors have expressed an interest in investing in and supporting businesses and startups that aspire to do something different in this area.

Platforms like Patreon were the first startup to acquire momentum in the market, allowing content creators to expand by leveraging the digital platform. Also, there are a lot of startups that are trying to gain the market’s attention now and provide people the opportunity to work on their passion. These startups are divided into three categories under the creator economy and are supported through NFT’s, CryptoCurrency, Tipping, and subscription services.

In these above categories, a startup taking chances on creating a subscription-based platform is highly approachable by creators. One such startup that has recently received a lot of attention is Bangalore-based knackit.

Knackit is India’s first initiative that primarily focuses on assisting creators with the subscription-based platform. It gives people access to many more options than any app could. Any creator or influencer can use this platform to make live streaming videos and share the creative content they desire. People can also acquire a lot of attention from viewers by using this application. It enables influencers to become popular while also making money from their passion.

This online platform is growing in popularity among people by the day, with more than 230K+ creators and more than 1.5 million users. And, interestingly, everyone who wishes to work for and on their interest is invited to join this platform. It is designed to assist individuals like you and me to showcase our abilities to the rest of the world. Anyone can join this platform for free, whether they prefer dancing or wish to pursue a career as an artist. Basically, it promotes the idea that anyone can become famous and can become worth admiring.

Using this app has a lot of benefits for creators, such as allowing top-tier creators to operate their subscription plans on this platform and allowing audiences to subscribe for their exclusive stuff. One of the good things about this platform is that medium-level creators can use the tipping system, which means any viewer can directly give tips to the creator’s content that they like. Knackit doesn’t charge at all to any creator or audience to entertain and get entertained by creators when any audience supports any creator, this application ensures complete transparency between the viewer and the influencer.

For instance, when a viewer transfers some amount to the creator for their content, the total amount will be received by the creator, there is no deduction lies in this application, which is why people who want to make a move with their passion are more attracted to this platform because it is a complete transparent transferable application.

Another great thing about this application is that it is available for both android and IOS as well as it is a web-based application. And it is created to target global audiences. So, anyone in this world can use this application freely and can connect with creators or influencers no matter wherever you live. Furthermore, in this extremely competitive era, knackit is directly competing with Patreon, which gives it a distinct identity among the public.

To sum it up, in today’s era, youngsters have a lot more to offer to the world than just their grades on the mark sheet. They are now more attracted to creative opportunities and developing their extracurricular skills than just focusing on the same monotonous career options that they once had in their hand.

Now, a new era of becoming a celebrity is on a trend, even an average person can get an opportunity to show off their skills in front of the world, people no longer have to battle with not receiving what they want; creativity is becoming a new identity for an individual; all that is required is a desire, and the digital platform is available to help you advance in your profession. And the time has definitely come in India that creators and influencers can create their own identities.

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