KORUM’s Cube Challenge 2023 Sets a New Benchmark

~ The World Cube Association was in- charge of overseeing and regulating the competition, which was organised by Cubenama ~

~ The youngest solver at the competition is a 3 years old kid ~

~ The fastest solved at KORUM Cube Challenge 2023 for 3×3 was of 5.54 seconds which is the third fastest in India till date ~

Mumbai/ Thane, 24 January 2023: KORUM Mall of Thane hosted the International Cube Challenge for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Participants competed in a variety of categories to test their problem- solving skills and speed as they completed the Rubik’s Cube in the shortest amount of time possible. There were several rounds for each game category. The two day event saw a turnout of more than 150 participants from the age group of 3 years to 30 years. Only a half of the participants made it to the second round. There were 11 events in the cube competition: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 7×7, 3×3 Blindfolded, 3×3 One Handed, Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb and Square 1. The competition organised by Cubemana in association with the World Cube Association was open to the public and spectators who came in large numbers to witness the action first- hand.

Somya Srivastava, vice chairwoman of the World Cube Association, presided over the event and encouraged the participants to give their best. Among the notable players who attended the event were Aiman Koli, one of the fastest blindfold solvers in the world, Bhargav Narsimhan, who holds the Asian record for solving the cube with one hand and has represented India at the world championship in Australia and Anish Rajesh, a speed cuber from Chennai who has set 45 national records so far. While all participants got their participation certificate, the top three finishers in each category received medals and trophies. Some of the big accomplishments during the event include solving a 3×3 cube in 5.54 seconds which is a record third fastest in India till date. The youngest participant to solve the puzzle was a 3 years old kid at the KORUM Cube Challenge 2023.

“We are thrilled to unite Cube puzzle fans from across the country to demonstrate their prowess and we share their enthusiasm for this age- old puzzle. It is important for kids to focus on such brain stimulating games to help them develop their sensory and motor skills and they are crucial for their all- round development. KORUM is known as a community hub and we have been holding competitions like these in an effort to encourage the participants’ critical and analytical thinking. We are pleased that we could have this event at Thane’s favourite mall- KORUM Mall as well as collaborate with Cubenama that strives to foster real games in the future generations.” Deva Jyotula, VP- Retail, remarked.

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