Krungsri Credit Card leveled up marketing campaign performance with Appier

TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 23 December
2021 – Krungsri Credit Card (KCC), the subsidiary of Thailand’s leading
financial institution Krungsri Bank conquered their goals of increasing
customer reach and customer engagement and leveled up their marketing campaign
performance with Appier’s enterprise-grade AI powered platforms AIQUA and
AIXON. KCC boosted its reach by 37% and was able to increase click-through
rates (CTR) by 40% where the overall clicks increased by 91%, significantly
elevating the performance of the marketing campaign.

needed to address the challenges of understanding their customer segments based
on their interests, keywords and overall personas, as well as, to send targeted
messages that are tailored to their needs at the right time, and at scale, in
order to increase engagement. With AIXON, the data science platform, the AI
model identified users searching for specific products such as ‘insurance’ and
developed keyword personas to identify users most similar to these people. This
helps to expand Krungsri’s reach to prospective customers. For users that fall
into multiple segments, AIXON segments people further to ensure they do not
receive multiple campaigns, but rather only the content most related to their
top interest.

a clear view of each segment’s preferences, customer engagement platform AIQUA
helps KCC’s marketing team send different campaigns within various categories
of promotions to people based on their interests, such as shopping, travel or
entertainment and at exactly the right time. Appier’s platforms use machine
learning to pinpoint the best time to send content and the application of
send-time optimization led to an uplift of between 2 and 10% compared to
human-chosen timings across categories including shopping, travel, insurance
and cars. Uplift overall increased by between 12 and 33%.

know how personal people’s finances are to them, so it’s important to us that
we are considerate of their individual needs and preferences from the outset.
Appier helps us demonstrate this consideration for our customers by helping us
reach people at the best times and with the information they need the most, all
powered by its outstanding AI technology,” said Somwang Toraktrakul, Managing
Director, Krungsri Credit Card. “The pandemic continues to affect how people
think about their money, and Krungsri strives to be available and supportive to
customers. We look forward to continuing to work with Appier to apply the most
effective marketing technology to develop even stronger relationships with our
customers,” he added.

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