Leading Hospitals Unite with MedLern to Transform Healthcare: A Trailblazing Webinar Series featuring Apollo, Adani, and More”

· Leadership Webinar Series for healthcare and hospital professionals

· Speakers comprise industry leaders and experts in hospital administration, service excellence, safety & quality compliance

· Registrants and attendees comprise healthcare professionals across the country

· The Webinar Series aims to create a pool of new-age healthcare leaders and advance the quality of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in India to global levels

New Delhi, 09 September 2023: In a path-breaking initiative aimed at elevating the quality and standards of healthcare and hospital leadership as well as patient experience and outcomes, MedLern has organized and hosted a series of leadership webinars for healthcare professionals. Under the Series, the country’s leading digital learning solutions provider for hospitals and healthcare professionals has sought to cover a range of topics in healthcare and hospital administration, management, service and operational excellence in the country. With some of the most distinguished industry leaders and experts participating in this Series and delivering outstanding presentations for a rapt online audience, the live webinar sessions have been a roaring success attended by thousands of healthcare professionals across the country.

MedLern has already conducted three webinars under this Series with topics such as: Aligning Training Landscape to Accreditation Standards (NABH/JCI) in Hospitals by Mr Gaurav Loria, Group Chief Quality Officer & Head Operations (Senior Vice President) at Apollo Hospitals Group on 9th June; Improving Hospital Operational Excellence through Systematic & Structured Training, by Ms Neha Lal, General Manager – Adani Healthcare on 30th June; and Playfully Phygital: Embracing the Best of Both Worlds in Learning by Elton Ron Nathan, Head – Learning & Development, Talent Management & Engagement, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd on 25th August. Another event, albeit on a somewhat unrelated subject, was held on 8th September with the topic being Cultivating Hope – Unveiling the Miracle of Organ Donation. And many more such leadership events are in the pipeline in the coming weeks and months.

As the title is relatively self-explanatory, while the first webinar had dealt at length with the imperative to establish and implement training protocols and practices within the organisation in commensurate with the guidelines of top accreditation bodies such as NABH and JCI, the second webinar focused on how structured training could improve operational efficiencies of hospitals and healthcare facilities. The topic in the third webinar was an endeavour towards helping healthcare professionals make an easy and seamless transition to the digital and the so-called phygital mediums of learning, from the erstwhile physical-only mode of learning and training. In other words, while the first two webinars were aimed at catalysing institutional advancements at the level of hospitals and healthcare facilities, the third was targeted at personal skilling and upskilling of healthcare professionals.

“We want to create a powerful and independent platform for healthcare thought leaders and MedLern’s unique reach of 400 plus hospitals and one lakh healthcare sector employees provides just that. The series serves to not just educate but also stimulate new conversations on the opportunities and challenges facing healthcare leaders with globalization, digital transformation and innovation emerging as key themes to profit from. India’s healthcare talent is unique and so is the market opportunity. We hope the fresh perspectives will kindle new initiatives for growth.” said Mr Deepak Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, MedLern.

“MedLern is emerging as more than a learning, training and skilling platform for healthcare. It is a catalyst for sparking new thought and giving a voice to emerging healthcare leaders in all things relating to talent strategy in healthcare and the excellence in patient care, nursing, compliance and service quality that thrives when we adopt a systematic and structured approach to talent, added Mr Sharma.

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