Legrand India Launches ‘Allzy’: The All-Rounder Switch for All of India

The superior quality switch is presented to enhance and simplify the everyday lives of Indian consumers

Hyderabad, August 18, 2023: Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, has introduced ‘Allzy’. It is India’s perfect switch range, boasting eye-catching colours, good design, and unparalleled quality for the mass segment. Hyderabad, a hub of technological innovation and fast-paced lifestyles, embodies the essence of the multitasking spirit that the Allzy Switch aims to cater to. As a city that embraces convenience, style, and quality, Hyderabad’s market resonates deeply with the features and benefits offered by the Allzy Switch range.

Starting from the vibrant city of Lucknow, the brand is launching its PAN-India activity, connecting directly with retailers and electricians. The initial phase encompasses prominent cities within Uttar Pradesh, including Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Bareilly, and Varanasi, with plans to extend this dynamic initiative to the South, Central, North, West, and East regions of India.

Spanning across the nation, the Allzy retail activation will engage with 16 cities in the South, 10 cities in the Central region, 16 cities in the North, 24 cities in the West, and 16 cities in the East. This comprehensive journey is aimed at reinforcing the brand’s presence among the diverse Indian populace.

The city’s growing population and urban development have resulted in an increased demand for smart solutions that streamline daily tasks. With its cutting-edge features such as remote-control functionality and noise-free operation, the Allzy switch aligns perfectly with Hyderabad’s tech-savvy and efficiency-seeking population. Additionally, the city’s appreciation for design and aesthetics is well-matched by the eye-catching colors and modern design of the Allzy range.

Allzy’s communication campaign celebrates the hustle spirit of multiple regions in India. The campaign is dedicated to the multitasking spirits of Indians #AllRounderSwitch.

Allzy is designed to simplify the lives of multitaskers in India by providing a simplified switch range to boost the user experience in the mass segment. For example, the Remote-Control Unit enables users to control up to four lights and a fan without moving an inch. This feature promises to take convenience to the next level, with four switches and a fan regulator.

Allzy’s ultra-soft-touch rockers provide a noise-free experience, replacing the traditional loud clicks that typically accompany switch operation. Tested for 1 lakh operations to ensure long-term performance, every low-noise switch in the Allzy range is RoHS-certified. The range of fan regulators bears the ISI mark that testifies to their safety, while the USB charging solutions come with CRS certification from BIS. The sockets, in turn, are integrated with safety shutters to prevent shocks.

Commenting on the development Mr. Tony Berland, CEO, and Managing Director said, “Allzy is the new, high-quality switch that is intuitively designed to meet the demands of today’s multitaskers in India, Allzy promises to elevate the experience of individuals to interact with their electrical appliances.”

“Legrand India, with its long history of lighting up Indian homes, has a great deal of expertise in meeting the needs of Indian consumers. We are confident that those seeking modern, simplified, and multitasking solutions in India will find Legrand India’s Allzy as an ideal choice,” said Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director of Marketing.

Every product in the Allzy range is backed by the trust and expertise arising from its presence in India for the last 25 years and global expertise.

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