LISSUN Unveils Sunshine, An Offline Centre Dedicated to Child Mental Health Development

Sunshine by LISSUN is dedicated to helping children overcome a range of psychological challenges, including issues related to adolescence, relationship dynamics, behaviour, parental management, career choices, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more

New Delhi, 13 June 2023: LISSUN, India’s one of the largest mental health platforms, has announced the launch of its first offline centre for children facing developmental and behavioural disorders- Sunshine by LISSUN. This initiative reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to addressing the challenges faced by parents and children in finding quality care for issues like Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc. The first Sunshine Centre has been inaugurated in the vibrant neighbourhood of East Patel Nagar, New Delhi. The announcement follows the recent addition of renowned psychologist Dr. Roma Kumar to its team, further enhancing LISSUN’s expertise in child mental health.

The centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including counselling rooms, occupational therapy areas, assessment zones, and more, ensuring a seamless experience for both parents and children. Each Sunshine Centre will feature a dedicated team of Developmental paediatricians, Clinical Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupation Therapists, Special Educators, and ABA therapists to help provide multi-disciplinary expertise to parents and their children.

“Amidst the distressing reality that over 50 million children in India grapple with mental health and developmental or behavioural issues, an alarming 80-90% struggle without seeking support. Regrettably, the system remains inadequately funded to tackle this pressing crisis. At LISSUN, we stand firmly dedicated to fostering the well-being of the next generation through the introduction of Sunshine, a profound initiative prioritizing the development of children. We believe that every child deserves access to comprehensive support, and it is our mission to bridge the gap between the need and the available resources. Through Sunshine, we aim to create a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore their emotions, develop resilience, and receive expert guidance tailored to their unique needs.” said Mr. Tarun Gupta, Co-founder & Director, LISSUN.

“In recognizing the limitations of relying solely on a 100 percent digital model for assessing a child’s behaviour, it becomes evident that ensuring accurate findings requires a physical presence. LISSUN has long embraced a phygital approach, understanding the indispensable role of a physical structure in this field backed by a strong tech backbone. Hence, launching the inaugural physical centre for Sunshine by LISSUN signifies yet another stride towards our mission,” stated Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Co-founder & Director, LISSUN.

Going forward, LISSUN has ambitious plans to establish a chain of Sunshine centres nationwide. In the initial phase, multiple centres are set to be launched in Pune, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Delhi NCR region. This expansion aims to extend the reach and amplify the positive impact of this pioneering initiative, ensuring that children across different locations have access to comprehensive mental health support.

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