Local Healthtech Start-up Evercare Offers 1,000 Free Onsite COVID-19 PCR Tests to Curb Outbreak at Care Homes

Media OutReach – 3 March 2022 – With widespread COVID-19 outbreaks across care homes, local healthtech start-up
Evercare is partnering with government-recognised labs to offer 1,000 free onsite PCR COVID-19 tests at care homes to facilitate earlier isolation among the elderly community. Evercare’s team of professional swabbers will collect nasal and throat samples, with results processed within 24 hours.

A professionally trained nurse from Evercare collects nasal and throat samples from an elderly at a care home.

A professionally trained nurse from Evercare collects nasal and throat samples from an elderly at a care home.

Outbreaks at Care Home Heightened by Lack of Resources

According to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), close to 60 percent of care homes in Hong Kong have reported positive cases, and over 3,150 care home residents have tested positive so far.¹ The elderly are especially vulnerable, with people aged 60 or above accounting for 93% of the city’s 213 total COVID-related deaths.²

Living in shared environments at care homes make elderly residents more susceptible to cross contamination. Early detection of COVID-19 can help care homes contain outbreaks by identifying and isolating infected patients sooner.

“The outbreaks at care homes are a cause for concern where vaccination rates among the elderly segment remain low. Many care homes lack sufficient resources to identify and test seniors in a timely manner. Although rapid antigen test kits (RAT) can provide quick results, RATs are not as sensitive and accurate as PCR tests.³ We hope to help our most vulnerable population by bringing our expertise of providing safe and convenient onsite COVID testing to help care homes identify residents and staff at earlier stages of infection,” said Kenneth Wong, Co-founder of Evercare.

Free Onsite COVID-19 Tests for the Vulnerable Community

In light of this, Evercare is committed to serving the frail, disabled, and bedridden elderly population by administering 1,000 free onsite PCR COVID-19 tests at under-resourced care homes.

Testing began on Monday at The Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club Madam Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial Care and Attention Home for the Aged. Evercare’s team of professional nurses collected nasal and throat samples of 222 residents and 25 positive cases were identified.

In the coming few months, Evercare will continue to identify and administer onsite COVID-19 testing to care homes in need.


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