Focused on increasing the employability of young people, the program will provide access to exclusive one-to-one mentorship sessions from 100+ experts at L’Oréal India

India, 18 November 2022 – According to a report by UNICEF and the Education Commission, three-quarters of our youth- aged between 15 and 24 need help to gain the skills needed for employment. Furthermore, as per a few other industry reports, 46% of youth today are looking to big companies to help upskill them with the necessary skills for the future. To address this gap, L’Oréal India today announced the launch of L’Oréal BOOST, an upskilling and mentorship program for youth, in collaboration with NGO partner Buddy4Study. An extension of the company’s global ‘L’Oréal For Youth’ initiative, a global program for youth, the program aims to foster employability among lesser privileged youth and help them take the first steps in their professional journey.

Since its launch, the program has received close to 6000 registrations from potential candidates. Over 125 employees, across levels, from L’Oréal India, have pledged to volunteer more than 750 hours of mentoring under this initiative. In addition to the program curriculum, students will also get access to 33 Certifiable courses on Coursera, through a partnership with the platform.

Roshni Wadhwa, Director – Human Resources at L’Oréal India said, “We are committed to the creation of an equal opportunities environment, both outside and within L’Oréal, one that empowers everyone to reach their full potential and be themselves. We always considered that it is part of our responsibility to develop youth and give them a deep understanding of the skills that can help them become more employable. In line with this commitment, we are excited to launch the L’Oréal BOOST program, which aims to prepare the youth to meet the changing dynamics and workplace requirements of the new normal. The program will focus on providing them with the essential skills to boost employability and gain confidence to take their first step to employment.”

Krishna Vilasini Bharadwaj, Director – Corporate Affairs and Engagement at L’Oréal India said, “As the world’s #1 beauty company, we understand the role we play in inspiring and influencing society at large and are committed to making tangible improvements at a community level. The L’Oréal BOOST program is one such initiative through the partnership with our NGO partner Buddy4Study, which aims to upskill and train lesser privileged youth by giving them access to learning opportunities and preparing them with the knowledge to contribute to the various fields that they desire to join.”

Ashutosh Burnwal, Founder & CEO, Buddy4Study said, “We are delighted to join hands with L’Oréal India to implement the L’Oréal BOOST program under the ‘L’Oréal for Youth’ initiative. The aim is to take concrete steps to increase the employability of young people from underrepresented backgrounds and empower them with the critical skills needed to succeed. As we launched the program, we saw students registering in huge numbers to benefit from a unique mix of mentorship, upskilling sessions, and access to certifiable courses as a part of this initiative.”

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