Love, heartbreak, it all ends with us!

Booknerds, the Dehradun based book discussion community, organised an event for Colleen Hoover enthusiasts on Sunday. They focused on her bestselling book ‘It ends with us’ and its sequel ‘It starts with us’.

Colleen Hoover has sold more books this year than James Patterson and John Grisham — combined,primarily because of her immense popularity on BookTok ( Read Book TikTok)

She is currently the best-selling novelist in the United States.
She holds six of the top 10 spots on The New York Times’s paperback fiction best-seller list, a stunning number of simultaneous best sellers from a single author. She has sold 8.6 million print books this year alone — more copies than the Bible!

The attendees gathered in an intimate setting at Yellow Marigold Experience Studio and House Cafe.The event kicked of with Ujjwal Singh, the lead discussant, introducing Colleen Hoover and giving a brief overview of the book plots. While the primary genre of the books is romance, the books also deal with much more complex themes. Attendees discussed several themes mentioned in the books such as domestic violence and toxic relationships.

An attendee Aditi said,” Colleen Hoover is a phenomenon because of the simple rendition of complicated themes in her novels.”

Co-founder of Booknerds, Rohan Raj, then steered the conversation towards the attendees’ take on romance books and their favourites in the genre. A gamut of books were recommended including Durjoy Dutta,Megha Rao,Ravinder Singh and more!
Booknerds shall be back with more carefully curated literary events in the near future.

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