M1 Singapore Redefines Communication within Families with New Bespoke Family Sharing Mobile Data Plan

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 4 August 2022 – From families with kids and the elderly to customers with multiple mobile devices, M1’s newly launched Bespoke Family Plan redefines the telco experience of those living under the same roof. Addressing issues related to the increasing costs of mainstream mobile data plans, this service boasts incremental discounts for every line signed with
M1. Offering data sharing and pooling capabilities, customers can mitigate concerns revolving around data wastage before the end of the billing cycle. Guaranteeing prices lower than M1’s proprietary
Bespoke SIM-only plan, M1 Limited reaffirms its ability to revolutionise Singapore’s telecommunications industry with competitively priced mobile plans with no strings attached.

Blending Convenience and Reliability for All at Home
Bespoke Family mobile data plan is designed to reduce financial commitments associated with new mobile plan subscriptions while meeting modern-day demands. With the benefits of owning a secondary phone becoming more apparent, this offering provides a fuss-free way for conscientious parents to get a new phone for their children, keep work contacts separate, or easily settle mobile bills.

When customers share their existing Bespoke mobile plan, users can pool and split their data, talktime, and SMS allowances without hassle. Supporting the registration of up to 10 mobile numbers, each port-in to the Bespoke Family Line unlocks incremental discounts. With additional lines starting from as low as $9.95/mth, customers get extra 40GB of data, 100-minute talktime, and 100 free SMS added to the existing bundle. As more Bespoke Family Lines are shared, mobile data can go up to 400GB, while subscription cost for all lines will be further discounted.
It’s All About Family with M1
With the launch of the Bespoke Family Plan, M1 allows customers to maximise the usage of their data bundles while enjoying ultimate savings and the freedom to add or remove family lines anytime with no admin fees or termination costs. Skip the typical SIM-only plans available in the market and give your family the optimal mobile experience, available online today.
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