Magna Markets release a set of tools that help newbie trade like a pro

Media OutReach – 28 June 2023 – Recently, a fintech company Magna Markets has launched some new features and tools, to assist those interested in financial investment such as CFD trading, to help them to analyse and simplify the trade process.
Essential tools for new traders
First, learning materials such as videos or articles, to help the beginners to understand more about trading.
Trading signals are the most essential tool for all investors. It is a technical indicator that reveals the market trend, allowing traders to understand the current state of the market.
Newbies and pros can utilise trading signals but in different approaches. Newbies use it as a tool to understand the market trends, a reference point to enter or exit trades, in order to reduce the need of market analysis. Since the pros have their own strategies and techniques, they use it to verify their analysis before executing trades. Magna Markets has released the “Signal Push Notification Service” function, which will notify users with real time market status, to ensure all traders can stay ahead of the market at all times.
Trading platforms play a vital role, their reliability and speed essential for effective trading. Some, like Magna Markets, provide extra features like no KYC for sign up and trade with crypto, improving user experience.
Pro tips from experienced traders

Mr Alex Evans, CFD trader with 8+ years of experience, would like to provide some tips for the beginners:

Utilise all the tools, especially trading signals.

Precise decision is not achieved by external opinions, but by knowledge, strategy, and practices.

Do not hesitate. Don’t let opportunities slip away.

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