Mahi hai toh Mumkin Hai”: An Official Fan Anthem launched by TM Music as a Tribute to the legendary MS Dhoni!

Inspired by the countless instances where victory seemed unattainable, yet Dhoni’s firm spirit proved that with him, everything is possible, this anthem became a resounding chant across the nation: “Mahi hai to Mumkin hai.”

It reflects the unwavering admiration and unconditional love that each cricket fan holds in their heart for the enigmatic captain. Just like a majestic lion on the field, Dhoni’s presence invokes a sense of power, bravery, and determination, making the entire nation exclaim, “Mahi maar raha hai.”

TM Music is thrilled to announce the release of a unique composition titled “Mahi hai to Mumkin Hai,” dedicated to the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni. This unique composition by the talented Vasudev Gandharv, soulfully sung by Vasudev & Danish Ahmed, and beautifully penned by the renowned lyricist Vasudev Gandharv, pays homage to his countless contributions to the nation through this powerful and captivating song.

As the country eagerly awaits the birthday of their beloved icon, TM Music’s “Mahi hai to Mumkin Hai” emerges as the ultimate tribute to the man who not only shaped the history of Indian cricket but also the hearts of millions. Brace yourselves to be moved by this soul-stirring anthem that echoes the resounding love and respect India has for its cricketing legend.

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