Making the Impossible Happen: CARS24 Delivers Car by Air

– CARS24 airlifted a car across Sydney using a Helicopter to highlight the launch of its 7-day delivery service

CARS24, India’s leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles, announced their 7-day car delivery service in Australia. In an industry defining initiative, CARS24 took to the skies of Sydney and flew a new pre-owned refurbished car via a helicopter for delivery to its new owners. Adding a unique twist to launch the delivery service, CARS24 used a helicopter- airlifted the car, with a big bold ‘sold’ sticker, across Sydney. One can also spot the magnificent Sydney Opera House in the video.

With record waiting times of up to 12 months impacting the car buying experience for Australians, CARS24 has committed to the new 7-day expedited delivery promise for its metro customers, offering Australians greater convenience. The announcement follows new research revealing Aussies are frustrated with the traditional time-consuming used car buying process – as it takes more than four weeks to research via online classifieds and search engines, and an average of a one-and-a-half-hour commute to visit one private seller.

Giving Sydney a preview of the future of helicopter or drone delivery, the CARS24 helicopter delivered cars across the city this weekend. CARS24’s latest approach demonstrates a new future where cars might be delivered not by road but by air across geographies. As a customer centric brand, CARS24 is focused on providing Aussie car buyers the most convenient experience possible.

As a global tech disruptor, CARS24 offers a quick, easy and stress-free experience compared to the traditional model – providing the ability to finance and purchase within four minutes, and now, fast, free delivery within one week to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metro customers.

The 7-day delivery service will bring greater convenience and value to Aussies coupled with the ease of placing an order within 4 minutes on CARS24 website. It is in the brand’s nature to be at the forefront of solving genuine pain points of a used car buyer- from procuring NBFC license in India to ease financing on used cars to launch of Mega Refurbishment Labs to ensure highest quality cars for its consumers.



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