Manipal Hospital’s latest activity garners over 1.4 billion earned media impressions and a 1200% spike in its share of voice

Here’s all you need to know about Manipal Hospitals’ cardiac arrest awareness initiative

Mumbai/Bangalore, 12th December, 2022: Manipal Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare groups recently conducted a health awareness campaign in association with Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) to raise awareness of cardiac emergencies, came up with an innovative tech-based solution — heart-shaped traffic lights — to land the message of heart health.

As a part of its heart health initiative, Manipal Hospitals launched a campaign across Bengaluru. To grab attention and create awareness, the brand did the only smart thing to do — make use of the Bengaluru traffic at their traffic junctions.

For over 30 days, over 100+ heart-shaped red spotlights installed across the city displayed the ‘heart’. These intrigued the citizens, and their curiosity led to scanning the accompanying QR codes to see what’s in store. Since calling an ambulance and performing CPR are crucial as first response to an individual suffering from cardiac arrest, the QR codes did just that. With a quick tap upon scanning, these led the users to Manipal Hospitals’ emergency contact number to avail the MARS Ambulance service, and a minute-long CPR video that taught the novice how to perform the life-saving procedure until help arrived.

All these activities combined led to an overwhelming 1.4 billion+ earned media impressions with a 1200% increase in Manipal Hospitals’ Share of Voice.

The campaign was done as a collaborative effort by Social Panga & Manipal Hospital.

Watch the campaign unfold.

Video Link –

Mr. Madhur Gopal, Assistant Vice President – Marketing, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., said, “Cardiac arrest is a serious condition that can happen to anyone, anywhere — even when stuck in traffic. If immediate attention is not provided, a person can lose life within 8 minutes. We wanted to grab attention where we really could and what better than making use of the Bengaluru traffic? It worked wonders and got the eyeballs it deserved.”

Gaurav Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga, said, “The idea of a social activation is to target the audience where they gather the most. In this case, Manipal hospital made use of the Bengaluru traffic signals, so while people were waiting at traffic signals, they were learning a life-saving technique to do CPR. The attention it received across platforms and the impact of it on digital speaks for itself.”

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