Manucomply: A comprehensive, cloud-based compliance management system by Manupatra goes live

Manucomply’s centralised framework brings stakeholders like C-suite, functional and department heads, and auditors together and helps them address law-related obligations

New Delhi, July 15, 2022: Considering compliance obligations have taken centre stage in modern regulatory environments, it has become significantly challenging for legal professionals to rely on traditional techniques to monitor and track updates, amendments, licences and filings. To address these issues, Manupatra, a pioneering force in the realm of legal and business information search and analytics, has launched its flagship Compliance Management system, Manucomply.

Manucomply is an end-to-end compliance management solution that is cloud-based and encyclopaedic. Moreover, its meticulously built centralised framework brings C-suite, functional and department heads, and auditors together under a single umbrella and assists them in proactively addressing all law-related obligations. Developed by Manupatra, this management system is customisable, trackable, automated and delivers efficiencies at scale within the compliance domain.

Manucomply’s Compliance repository is exhaustive. It has all applicable compliances, including Form, Event, Checklist, Dependency, Act, and Regulator based compliances across corporate, taxation, labour law, environment, health and safety law and more. It lists more than 72,000 individual compliances, at least 100 verticals, 2,670+ laws, 50+ industries (and growing) , and nuances at Central, State, and Municipal levels. No matter where the business units might be, the formidable Manucomply can track the entire inventory of compliances applicable to them according to function, geography, and industry mandates.

Currently, the system covers domestic laws. It has a one-view comprehensive dashboard with robust reporting and automated workflows. Furthermore, audit trails and regular push updates are provided for each step to keep track of any changes in the law. Manucomply’s single integrated portal accelerates internal processes and enables senior management more control over the overall risk exposure and its assessment. It overcomes the limitations of older systems such as segmented initiatives, lengthy cycles, and unreliable manual reporting while reducing overall costs.

Regarding security and privacy, all data on Manucomply is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers with daily back-ups and highly secure encryption. The switch from traditional compliance management systems to Manucomply is also incredibly hassle-free, efficient and swift.

Priyanka, COO—Manupatra said, “The world of regulatory compliance is evolving, with requirements constantly multiplying. Compliance obligations vary according to function, and geography. With rising volumes, traditional and manual compliance management mechanisms are a thing of the past. Tracking, filing, documenting, updating when done manually over emails, chats, on paper and so on, are tough to track. Dated workflows waste time and resources, forcing legal teams to play catch-up with pending issues, rather than being proactive. Thus there’s a dire need for an end-to-end compliance management mechanism. This is the gap that Manucomply fills. Developed by Manupatra, this easy to use, robust and sophisticated Compliance Management system can easily and efficiently assist stakeholders in addressing law-related obligations perceptively. We are sure that in the upcoming days, Manucomply will become an integral part of the compliance ecosystem.”

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