Marwadi University earns ASSOCHAM GEM5 sustainability rating; scores highest possible rating for a green building

New Delhi, August 4th, 2022: In a major recognition of its green campus, Marwadi University (MU) – the youngest institution to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the Government of Gujarat – is proud to receive the GEM5 rating by ASSOCHAM under its GEM Sustainability Certification Program for sustainable and green building design and construction.

A green building is one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to conventional buildings. Walking the talk on sustainability, MU is also contributing to the government’s green goals.

The GEM project awards GEM1 to GEM5 rating levels as per the requirements fulfilled and scores achieved, based on building’s architecture and elevation design, materials used during construction, HVAC, lighting and plumbing system designs, and water and energy consumption of the building. GEM 5 is the highest achievable rating in this program with 0-135 point scale.

“Some of the key initiatives including environment friendly the state-of-the-art infrastructure, green campus, mass transportation system, 650 kW rooftop solar system, sewage treatment plant, rain water harvesting and many others highlight the efforts made by Marwadi University towards a sustainable and green environment. PM Modiji’s emphasis on the net zero target at the Glasglow Summit is of prime importance and hence the responsibility of every citizen of our nation. Therefore, Marwadi University actively lays the foundation steps by taking such green initiatives which are recognized by bodies like ASSOCHAM,” says Prof. (Dr)

Sandeep Sancheti, Provost (Vice-Chancellor), Marwadi University.

Such projects are a major example of demonstrative learning. Indulging in such projects gives a hands-on experience to students about raising concerns regarding the environment and

contributing to effective solutions.

“It is the key role of every organization to spread awareness on sustainability. The key learning that sustainability is not a single-point agenda but comprises of various agendas is being widely covered in the principles of GEM Rating. GEM 5 Rating not only hones our efforts for a greener University campus but provides us with an opportunity to adapt to the efficient and effective ways of creating a sustainable environment,” says Shri Jitubhai Chandarana, Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, Marwadi University.

The recognition comes at a time when, until April 30 this year, 7,558 green building projects with a footprint of over 8 billion square feet are registered with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), as per CII. India has emerged as one of the leading countries in terms of sustainable building projects and ranks only second after US in terms of the number of green projects and built-up area. India’s sustainable building market is estimated value around USD 35-50 billion, driven by increasing awareness level, environmental benefits and government support. Still this is only about 5% of total buildings in India, leaving a massive potential for further adoption of sustainable building design.

Notably, sustainable buildings are playing a critical role in the development of many emerging economies. Of late, the sustainability consciousness in India has boomed with the help of missions like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Namami Gange Programme, the new mass movement against single plastic use, and more

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