● Announces multiple technology-enabled battery swapping ecosystem and stationary Li-Ion applications built to Indian geo conditions

● Matter’s battery stations will be quick plug-in-and-play docks where batteries can be swapped in less than a minute

● Battery swapping technology will cater to battery packs for two and three-wheelers.

● Vertically integrated energy solutions provider with an installed capacity of 200 MWh, scalable to 2GWH in the near future

● Stationary products will cater to RE generators, Transmission operators, Discoms, and other end-users.

● Set to fulfill India’s growing energy needs, creating energy independence.

New Delhi, 5th May 2022: Matter, a technology start-up in energy storage and EVs, today launched its lithium ion-based energy storage product portfolio for mobility and stationary applications at the India Energy Storage week. Matter also announced its battery swap ecosystem concept for EVsat the event. . Matter Energy’s lithium-ion battery product portfolio will pave a way for enabling higher EV adoption and clean energy transition. Matter’s stationary energy storage systems offerings are intended to support RE generators, transmission operators, discoms, and other end-users.

Matter Energy products are remarkable demonstrations of technology and innovation, and they will play a decisive part in satisfying the demands of India’s burgeoning energy storage sector. Matter is now ready to extend its portfolio in the Indian energy storage market with varied offerings from Matter Energy’s stable. These solutions are completely tailored to meet the unique requirements of the Indian consumers. This is Made in India for India and the world.

Making the announcement, Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO, Matter said, “Matter Energy‘s innovative portfolio straddles multiple categories and will set new innovation and performance benchmarks in the e-mobility and energy stationary segments. Our battery swapping ecosystem will cater to India’s rapidly growing two and three-wheeler ecosystem with enhanced and class-leading safety, quality and performance standards. meanwhile, our next-generation stationary energy storage portfolio boasts an analysis-driven product development strategy at its core. Our product offerings are aligned with the government’s current regulatory standards and will integrate with all new standards that will come into place.”

Details of the products displayed

Swap ME! – Matter Energy showcased the concept of its upcoming innovative battery swapping ecosystem. The swapping ecosystem is an outcome of the group’s research and development and design focus on future product ranges delivering ideal solutions for E – mobility. The ecosystem is built with state-of-art technology and service models with features like, swap system, data integration, thermal management, predictive AI, and a smart user interface. This ecosystem will enable different service models to burgeon and cater to the demands of the users.

Swap ME! stations are quick plug-in-and-play docks, one can swap batteries in less than a minute. Matter Energy’s swapping technology will cater to battery packs for two and three-wheelers. The Swap ecosystem is technology-enabled and connected where consumers can refill on the go. The Swap ME! is supported by the smart GUI and mobile application, which keeps you up to date on a variety of metrics such as SoC, SoH, SoP, Battery Temperature, Voltage, Amperage, and Number of Cycles.

ME BESS 1000 – BESS products range from Energy & Power Applications in containerized devices for those required in specialized buildings. Matter Energy offers the most optimum energy solutions that are customizable up to 1000 V for compact and easy-to-install. To function in India’s climatic conditions, the applications are equipped with an advanced HVAC system.

Other mobility and stationery products on display during the event included telecom, UPS, commercial vehicle batteries, and home inverters.

Matter recently introduced MatterEnergy 1.0, India’s first active liquid-cooled 2-Wheeler EV battery pack along with its patent-ready Matter Drive 1.0 Motor, with a technologically innovative integrated intelligent Thermal management system

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