Matter hosts #TechDay – Decodes the technology that is ready to power its upcoming E Motorcycle

Announces patents and IPs granted for Matter Drive 1.0 (liquid-cooled motor) and Matter Charge 1.0 (Dual Mode Converter)
Declares the launch of its Electric Motorcycle in November 2022
Unveils its new elemental logo
Ahmedabad, India, 29th September 2022: Matter, a technology start-up, hosted its first TechDay, demonstrating technology that is built in-house for India and the world at Capital Incubation Insights Everything (CIIE.Co), IIM Ahmedabad campus.

The technology and innovations displayed will power its upcoming electric motorcycle slated for launch in November 2022 for the Indian market that is ready to deliver unique experiences.

With the advent of the EV revolution in India, the sector has evolved with its technological advancements and disruptions that have led to the opening of new frontiers and unshackled limits for OEMs to build vehicles ground up. Matter, over the last three years, has built an in-house hyper scalable tech stack, focusing on the core components such as drivetrain, electronics, battery systems, chargers, and connected experiences.

Patents and IPs

Matter has created over 100+ IPs that include 35+ patent applications, 15+ industrial design applications, and 60+ trademarks. The company has a strong patent pipeline in all vehicle domains, including powertrain, controls, power electronics, and vehicle engineering.

Matter’s vertically integrated approach has resulted in two granted patents: one for Matter Drive 1.0 (liquid-cooled motor) and for a Dual Mode converter. In addition to these granted patents, multiple patent applications are in pipeline for Matter Drive 1.0, Power pack, Charger, Controls, and other related technologies.

New Logo

The company unveiled its new logo and brand identity. The new logo embodies core values, growing strength, progress, and a desire to build a future that is both technologically and ecologically responsible. The M in the logo represents the path between the 4 arms that is – technology that mesmerizes, innovation to simplify lives, impeccable design, and the shield that stands for good energy, no matter what.

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and Group CEO, Matter “For electric vehicles to become mainstream, it is pivotal that we think new, decode the need progression, and leverage technology for product development. What makes me proud today is that our innovation culture has enabled key, core technologies in multiple domains of the electric vehicle. Our upcoming electric motorcycle is a product that is built on core technologies, developed in-house, that will usher in an era of new age mobility, connected experiences, and will shape the future for a sustainable and inventive India.”

Kumar Prasad Telikepalli, Founder and Group CTO, Matter said technology and innovation are the primary drivers of the future and are altering the mobility sector. Matter has made significant technological advancements in the EV ecosystem with a strong emphasis on safety, security, reliability, and performance. Vehicles of the future will be far smarter and data-driven, and technology advancements will open up numerous possibilities, constantly curating new experiences.

United by this vision and driven by a goal, Matter takes pride in using its experience and futuristic technology solutions to empower every individual with the option to choose a cleaner alternative.

Matter will launch its first e-motorcycle in November 2022.

Link – To the new logo

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