Maven Ms. Plus Size India Embracing beauty over body size

Priyanka Jadhav won the title of Ms. Luxury 2022 during Maven Ms. Plus Size India season 5 Finale

New Delhi, 13th October ’22:In the past time’s people used to discriminate on the basis of skin color or body size but in the modern era of fashion, there is no definition of the ideal figured model. To encourage the existence of all body sizes, celebrate all women, and promote substance over the surface, various measures have taken place.

One of the initiatives isMaven Ms. Plus Size India, intending to motivate women irrespective of their body size. The first beauty pageant was held in the year 2017 to celebrate the inner beauty of plus-size women and promote beauty beyond size. Redefining body acceptance in present times, Maven Ms. Plus Size India season 5 Finale provided the opportunity to Priyanka Jadhav to win the title Ms. Luxury 2022. She is a banker by profession and a fashion enthusiast who believes in the “Transforming spirits through power of passion”.

During the award ceremony, Priyanka Jadhav quoted “Our society is the best motivator who pushes us to cross the boundaries and accomplish our goals. I am thankful and immensely gratified for this opportunity. Further she adds, I want to motivate more women and girls, and boost their knowledge and confidence”.

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