mCaffeine Launches Groundbreaking ESOP Program: Paving the Way for 100 Crorepatis

mCaffeine, India’s premier caffeine-infused personal care brand, announces its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This initiative is a testament to mCaffeine’s commitment to its dedicated employees and aims to create 100 Crorepatis within the company.

Key highlights:

● mCaffeine is introducing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for its dedicated employees.

● The ESOP initiative aims to create 100 Crorepatis within the company, contributing significantly to India’s economic growth.

● Employees of all the seven different verticals will be rewarded, acknowledging the brand’s seven-year journey in the industry.

● Demonstrating commitment, mCaffeine is allocating 10% of its shares to deserving employees, making them integral to the brand’s success.

● Since the inception of the brand, 12% of employees have remained integral members of the mCaffeine team

10th January, 2024, India-wide release – mCaffeine, India’s premier caffeine-infused personal care brand, known for its innovative approach to self-care, is thrilled to announce its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for its dedicated employees. This visionary initiative aims to create 100 Crorepatis within the company, catalyzing wealth creation and contributing to the country’s economic growth. The ESOP scheme is designed to reward employees who have displayed unwavering commitment to the mCaffeine brand.

This signifies mCaffeine’s expression of gratitude towards its loyal employees with its people’s first approach of giving them ownership stakes in the company. Eligible employees, spanning seven different verticals within the industry, will be rewarded with this transformative ESOP scheme. mCaffeine’s ESOP plan underscores their dedication to nurturing and empowering their workforce, making them an integral part of the brand’s journey towards becoming a global leader in the personal care industry.

mCaffeine is proud to allocate a significant 10% of its shares, allowing employees to directly benefit from the brand’s impressive growth and success. This transformative ESOP scheme goes beyond financial rewards. It symbolizes mCaffeine’s commitment to its workforce, fostering a collective and brighter future. Notably, 12% of employees, since the brand’s inception, are still an integral part of the mCaffeine family, a testament to the company’s culture and employee satisfaction.

Watch the social media campaign video here:

Tarun Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at mCaffeine, stated, “With over 50% employees eligible for the ESOPs, we couldn’t think of a better gift for our beloved caffeinators as we enter a new year. mCaffeine has always been proud of the people who are the heart and soul of our brand. The ESOP scheme opens a new growth avenue for employees and the brand alike, hence creating opportunities for a collective and brighter tomorrow”

Quote from an employee, Udbhava Mishra, Founder’s office, Growth Strategy – “After being a part of mCaffeine, I finally understand what a thriving atmosphere feels like. Our efforts are never unrecognized and we seldom feel unheard. mCaffeine always go a step ahead for it’s employees, and the ESOP scheme is proof of their vision of collective growth. This initiative fuels us to work harder and see the brand as our own. It’s about the trust our founders put in us, and I’m proud to be part of the mCaffeine family.”

mCaffeine has experienced a remarkable journey characterized by exponential growth, achieving a remarkable 9-fold increase in the past three years. With ambitious expansion strategies in place, the current employee capacity stands at over 600. The company envisions reaching 1000 employees by FY24 and 2000 by FY26, positioning mCaffeine for even greater success. Importantly,

mCaffeine is excited to embark on this journey of employee wealth creation and economic prosperity, reinforcing its commitment to its workforce and continued success in the personal care industry.

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