MDIS hosts e-Open Day 2022 in January for students looking for an international higher learning experience

OutReach – 21 December 2021 – Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit
professional institute for lifelong learning, the Management Development
Institute of Singapore (MDIS),
is giving SDG3,000 – 4,000 rebates for international and local students in the
upcoming e-Open Day, which will be held online on 15 January 2022. With a
well-established history since 1956, MDIS has positioned itself as a higher
learning institute with eyes on the international stage and educational
programmes that are future-conscious.

Virtual Open House

An adaptation to decreased
social interaction and diminished travel capabilities, the e-Open Day: Future After O Levels aims to provide an online
window for prospective international and local students looking for higher
educational opportunities after O levels, as well as broad cultural
experiences. Prospective students can explore their
future classrooms in Virtual Reality with the 360° Virtual Campus Tour, meet
their future lecturers and engage with education consultations LIVE. Up to SDG3,000
– 4,000 education rebates are available on the event day for students who sign
up for any one of over ten disciplines offered at MDIS.

Higher Education Programmes

In the wake of Covid-19,
many private education institutions have endeavoured to meet the challenges of
reduced social interaction and lockdowns. With principles related to community,
flexibility, and innovation, MDIS has adapted to this new landscape. Covid-19
accelerated a digital transformation in the workforce and the future of
society. The MBA,
MSc, and online MBA programmes that MDIS offers will equip students with expert
knowledge and skill sets that will prepare them for the digitalised world of
tomorrow. The Masters Programmes at MDIS are offered in partnerships with
universities around the globe to provide students with a global-centric
education, which will allow them to build an international network of mentors
and peers. MDIS Graduates will be equipped with the right skills to become
industry-relevant in a world where jobs will be digitised and digitalised.

The metropolitan city of
Singapore is known for its educational excellence and safety. With the MDIS
campus based in Singapore, international students from India can immerse
themselves in the diverse cultures and challenge themselves in a fast-paced
environment. International students can enrol in the programme of their choice
with a relatively easy enrolment process at MDIS, which also offers
scholarships in addition to educational rebates to support international
students pursuing higher education opportunities despite their financial
challenges. MDIS encapsulates the importance of lifelong learning and dynamism
in the education sector with its commitment to nurturing adaptable graduates,
especially in a post-Covid-19 world where social dynamics have changed.


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