Medulance accelerates blood availability tracking across blood banks; partners with e-RaktKosh powered by Paytm

● By using e-RaktKosh’s QR, over 2950+ Medulance ambulances can track the real-time availability of blood across India
● The emergency service provider will be able to trace the nearest blood bank that has the required blood group

24, June Delhi, 2022: Medulance, India’s first comprehensive end-to-end emergency response service provider, has announced a collaboration with e-RaktKosh powered by Paytm. By using the e-RaktKosh’s QR codes, Medulance will get real-time information about the blood availability in the nearest blood bank.

e-RaktKosh is a national platform developed by C-DAC under the Blood Cell National Health Mission by the Indian government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is a centralized blood inventory management system to track blood availability in blood banks across India. As a one-of-its-kind initiative, e-RaktKosh connects, digitizes, and streamlines the workflow of 2,100+ blood banks across the nation. The centralized blood bank management app is successfully integrated into Paytm.

By onboarding Medulance, Paytm has integrated the e-RaktKosh QRs in 2950 ambulances facilitated by Medulance. After scanning the QR codes, the users are directed to the e-RaktKosh website, where they can view the current blood availability status across the country. The app has multiple filters like city, blood group, and blood component that help narrow down real-time blood availability across cities. It also allows users to search for contact information and locate the nearest blood bank.

In the first phase, Medulance has installed 100 QRs in CATS ambulances for the Delhi government.

Ms Saloni Malhotra, Vice President, Paytm Mini App, said, “We are committed to driving seamless access to digital healthcare for all. Integrating the eRaktKosh feature on the Paytm app enables people to search and share real-time information about plasma availability at thousands of blood banks across the country. To further drive convenience, we are deploying Paytm QRs in over 10,000 Medulance ambulances, which users can scan from the Paytm app to avail the service.”

Mr Pranav Bajaj, Co-founder, Medulance, said, “ Our team frequently encounters people who require blood transfusions. Most times, the inability to locate blood banks or blood availability on times results in major medical complications. With the eRaktKosh feature on the Paytm app, we intend to accelerate our search with real-time information about plasma availability at thousands of blood banks across the country. As of now, we have deployed the feature in our ambulances across Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu and Punjab.”

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