Meet Akriti Verma An Entrepreneur Who Is Bringing Revolution to the Cement Industry of Bihar

Bihar is a developing city, and it may take some time for it to reach its full potential. Women are still unable to attend school in some areas, even though many women have propelled Bihar to new heights. One of the rising and inspiring women is Akriti Verma. She is one of the few women in the cement industry, who chose her native place to open her firm.

Akriti is the founder and director of Renaissance Industries Private Limited, and she earned her MBA in Singapore. She also holds a degree from Delhi University. Akriti hails from the Bihar city of Patna. In 2018, she founded AKV Wall Putty after completing her MBA.

However, Akriti found it challenging to start her firm in Bihar because there is currently no formal structure in place for entrepreneurs. Not only this, the laborers and workers were unskilled as well as uneducated, and training them was one of the biggest challenges for her too. In Bihar, a woman opening a factory is a big deal because most of these tasks are done by men. Even though Akriti studied in Singapore, where she might have had a bright future without much effort, she has set an example by choosing a path of difficulties.

She hopes that by sharing her story, other women will be inspired to establish their businesses. Akriti has attained her position by overcoming numerous difficulties in today’s world, where women confront numerous challenges. There was a need to provide Akriti with a venue that encourages more women to engage in a sector that helps India’s progress, given the lack of female entrepreneurs in the business sector. As a woman entrepreneur, she has set an example in the realm of a small business like Bihar.

Akriti’s story has inspired many other women of Bihar. With a mission to brighten and open new ways for girls of Bihar, she is working very hard to grow her firm as well as the society.

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