Meghalaya IAS association strongly condemns allegations by Saket Gokhale

“The Meghalaya IAS Officers’ Association in its executive committee meeting held on 7th December 2022 strongly condemns the press release issued by Shri. Saket Gokhale on 04.12.2022 wherein he has alleged irregularities in the implementation of the Meghalaya Eco Tourism Infrastructure Development Project. The allegations are false and malicious with an intention to mislead the public. The Meghalayan Age Limited has already issued a clarificatory press release, whereby it has clearly and unequivocally refuted the allegations made in the above press release.

The Meghalaya IAS Officers’ Association stands by Dr. Vijay Kumar D, Commissioner and Secretary, Planning Department and CMD of the Meghalayan Age Limited and all the officials concerned who have been named in the press release, with the intention to tarnish their image. The Association wishes to reiterate that the job of any civil servant is to carry out the mandate and the developmental agenda of a democratically elected government, in accordance with the provision of the Constitution of India and the law of the land. Any attempt to make false allegations against government officials including IAS officers and to drag their names with a political motive, which does not serve the public interest is condemnable. As clarified by Dr. Vijay Kumar, the due process of law including tendering processes and prior approvals of the New Development Bank (NDB) that is funding the project have been followed in implementation of the Meghalaya Eco Tourism Infrastructure Development Project. This project aims to promote tourism, a very important sector for the development of the State of Meghalaya and such false allegations also tarnish the image of the State. The Meghalaya IAS Officers’ Association strongly condemns the above press release and stands by Dr. Vijay Kumar and other officers.”

(Dr. P. Shakil Ahammed) (Shri C.V.D. Diengdoh)

President Secretary

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