‘Memorables’- Customized mind stimulating tools to help Dementia patients

If you know people who have Dementia, you would probably know how important it is to keep their minds active. An active mind can slow down the progression of this disorder. While there are activities and tools available to help with this, caregivers would tell you how difficult it can get to keep Dementia patients engaged with these. They are usually not able to focus, and tend to disengage without completing the task.

Nightingale Medical trust, an organisation committed to the well-being of the elderly suffering from Dementia, has come up with tools that might help solve this problem. These are brain-stimulators called ‘Memorables’. What makes ‘Memorables’ unique is that they are customised according to a significant memory of the patient from their distant past that they remember clearly. The personal connection ensures that the activity holds the patient’s attention.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help Dementia patients live a better life. ‘Memorables’ are a result of team’s continuous efforts, in depth understanding and hours of research. We’re optimistic that this will go a long way in helping not just Dementia patients but caregivers as well in living a better life,” says Ms. Asha D Souza, senior psychologist and Care Manager at Nightingales Dementia Care.

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