Mercedes-Benz unveils the arrival of the eActros and eEconic all-electric trucks in Hong Kong

Media OutReach – 27 October 2023 – Mercedes-Benz’s renowned truck series, Actros and Econic, have long dominated the Hong Kong commercial vehicle market as two of the most popular heavy-duty truck models. The Actros truck has established itself as the backbone of local and cross-border logistics, while the Econic series caters to the needs of urban applications with its ultra-low floor design. Mercedes-Benz has officially introduced the all-electric versions of these two truck series, the eActros and eEconic, to the Hong Kong market, taking a significant step towards meeting the increasingly critical standards of eco-friendly freight transport and partnering with the local freight industry and truck users in the journey towards carbon-neutral transportation.

(From Left) Wai Chung Kung, Senior Sales Manager, Zung Fu Company Limited, Wilson Lam, Director of Commercial Vehicles, Zung Fu Company Limited, Mr. Harald Schmid, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Daimler Commercial Vehicles SEA Pte. Ltd and Mr. Kyu-Sang Cho, Vice President, Daimler Commercial Vehicles SEA Pte. Ltd hosted the launch ceremony for the all-new eActros and eEconic

Embracing the Environmental Trend, Heading towards a Green Future
At the launch event for the eActros and eEconic trucks, Mr. Harald Schmid, CEO of Daimler Bus and Mercedes-Benz Special Truck, South East Asia, together with Mr. Wilson Lam, Director of Commercial Vehicles, Zung Fu Hong Kong, witnessed the grand debut of these two Mercedes-Benz all-electric trucks. With the introduction of the eActros and eEconic in Hong Kong, local businesses can now acquire large-scale environmentally friendly transport vehicles that offer enhanced performance, aligning with their growing emphasis on sustainable development strategies (ESG).
The all-electric eActros and eEconic, now showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus Service Center, are poised to provide a wider range of all-electric and eco-friendly options for the local trucking industry. Upholding Mercedes-Benz’s consistent philosophy of delivering reliable, high-quality, and comfortable driving experiences, these two all-electric trucks are available for order and are expected to be delivered and put into service in the second quarter of 2024.
The First All-Electric Mercedes-Benz Truck, the eActros
As the flagship series of Mercedes-Benz trucks, the Actros has long been the preferred choice for numerous commercial vehicle users. In pursuit of the ultimate environmental goal of “carbon-neutral transportation,” Mercedes-Benz has officially launched the all-electric eActros. The eActros 400 is equipped with a large lithium-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 448 kWh, providing a range of up to 400 km*. With a powerful dual-motor system delivering a total output of 400 kW (544hp), the eActros exhibits superior performance compared to its diesel-engine counterparts.
When choosing all-electric trucks in the transportation industry, several decisive factors come into play, including range, power output, fast charging capability, adaptability for daily use, and application flexibility. Additionally, low noise levels and the ability to drive with zero CO2 emissions are also crucial considerations. The introduction of the eActros addresses these key factors, providing the most practical solutions and offering robust support to the transportation industry in its pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality. To complement the electric powertrain, the eActros is equipped with a truly responsive 2-speed transmission, simplifying the driving and operation processes, reducing stress for drivers, and ultimately enhancing work efficiency. Mercedes-Benz has also incorporated several acclaimed electric vehicle core technologies and safety features into the standard specifications of the eActros, including the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive, AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System), Lane Keep Assist, and fifth-generation Active Brake Assist emergency braking system, MirrorCam rearview mirror system (optional), among others.
The Most Environmentally Friendly Low-Floor Urban Truck, the eEconic
Belonging to Mercedes-Benz’s special-purpose truck series, the eEconic is the second all-electric heavy-duty truck under the Mercedes-Benz brand, based on the chassis and powertrain system of the eActros. Benefitting from electric power propulsion, the eEconic offers higher efficiency in energy recuperation during braking compared to conventional diesel-powered trucks, making it particularly suitable for environments that require frequent starts and stop (such as refuse collection vehicles). With zero exhaust emissions and exceptionally quiet operation, the eEconic is especially well-suited for nighttime operations and areas with strict restrictions on exhaust emissions. The high-performance lithium-ion battery can seamlessly integrate with a 160 kW charging system, recharging up to 20%-80% of its capacity in approximately 75 minutes, making it perfect for urban applications that require multiple stops along the route.
eEconic sets itself apart with the utilization of Econic series’ DirectVision low-floor cabin, significantly reducing physical demands for onboard personnel and enhancing overall driving safety and occupational health effectiveness.
Exclusive Incentives for Electric Trucks – offered by Hong Kong Government
The newly arrived pure electric trucks, eActros and eEconic, from Mercedes-Benz, will include in the eligible vehicle list of the New Energy Transport Fund, allowing owners to apply for subsidies of up to HKD 3 million. Mercedes-Benz Trucks, in collaboration with CLP and Shell Hong Kong, will provide professional charging system support services to owners of Mercedes-Benz pure electric trucks. CLP will enhance the power supply system to meet the charging requirements of the trucks, while Shell Hong Kong will assist customers in installing wall-mounted chargers and provide charging services at its network of service stations, supporting Mercedes-Benz pure electric truck owners in their journey towards carbon-neutral transportation goals.
Experience the Mercedes-Benz eActros and eEconic Firsthand
Join us for an exclusive two-day event at the Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses Service Center starting October 28th. Discover the future of electric trucks as our product experts guide you through the key differences between all-electric and diesel models. Get up-close with the innovative features and intricate details of the all-new eActros and eEconic. Limited spots available. Register now.
Date: 28th – 29th October 2023, Saturday & Sunday
Time: 11:00 – 18:30 (Saturday)
13:00 – 16:30 (Sunday)
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Trucks & Buses Service Centre, 1 Hong Yip St, Yuen Long
*The range was determined internally under optimum conditions, including 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution traffic without a trailer at 20 °C outside temperature.
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