Merino at FOAID 2023: Redefining Possibilities With Innovation

~Over 3000 architects and interior designers visited Merino booth at the festival that includes architects and interior designers from different parts of the country~

Mumbai, August 31, 2023 – Merino, a leading name in innovative interior solutions, once again captivated attendees at this year’s Festival of Architecture & Interior Design (FOAID) held at the Jio Convention Center in Mumbai on August 18th and 19th. Building upon the success of the previous year, Merino’s booth garnered tremendous attention, attracting over 3000 visitors, including architects and interior designers from across the country. With an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation, Merino showcased a diverse range of designs, textures and materials under the theme “The World of Infinite Possibilities.”

As a steadfast supporter of emerging architectural talent, Merino continued its tradition of sponsoring the “Architecture Ideas” contest, exclusively aimed at nurturing the creativity of young architects under the age of 35. This sponsorship marks Merino’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and excellence within the architectural community.

Emanating as a central attraction of the event, Merino resonated with the very essence of boundless creativity. Right from the infinite possibilities stage with furniture pieces curated out of laminates and surface solutions to Phygital mood wall, with Visualizers & BIM files integrated to help visitors get actual essence of the surfaces — the Merino showcase echoed with the notion of endless possibilities. Anchored by the theme “The World of Infinite Possibilities,” the booth served as a canvas for the vivid display of Merino’s pioneering products, meticulously curated to embolden architects and designers to transcend the conventional limitations of their creative visions. This curated collection featured:

Luvih: An epitome of luxury, Luvih surfaces redefine elegance and sophistication, making a bold statement in any interior.

Hanex: Cutting-edge solid surface material, Hanex, stood as a testament to durability and design versatility.

Meister Surfaces: The pinnacle of perfection, Meister Surfaces offer exquisite finishes that elevate interior aesthetics.

Merinova: A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, Merinova surfaces set new standards in interior design.

MRS (Merino Restroom Solutions): Revolutionizing restroom design with intelligent solutions that prioritize hygiene and style.

Integrated Plumbing System: A dynamic visual presentation highlighting integrated plumbing solutions that amplify both convenience and aesthetics. This included space-saving and innovative in-wall cisterns that ate often used to exemplify modern bathroom design.

Feather Touch: Cutting-edge laminates offering a tactile experience that engages the senses.

Imagino: Digital laminates that bring imagination to life with stunning graphics and visuals.

Merino FABWood – Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

A standout feature of the exhibition was the official introduction of Merino FABWood, all set to be launched soon, an imminent addition that tends to redefine chipboard benchmarks. Distinguished as highly densified, moisture-resistant chipboard — Merino FABWood transcends the EN312 P5 standards. More than a testament to design innovation, it takes a holistic approach to well-being, boasting ultra-low VOC emissions that enhance indoor air quality. Moreover, Merino FABWood is soon expected to open doors to boundless design horizons, seamlessly harmonizing innovation, well-being, and sustainability in its essence.

Reflecting on the triumph of the event, Mr. Manoj Lohia, Director of Merino Industries Ltd., remarked, “The resonating enthusiasm displayed by industry luminaries, architects, and designers toward our participation at FOAID 2023 underscores Merino’s relentless pursuit of pushing the frontiers of innovation and design. Our commitment to enriching the industry with fresh and captivating products remains unwavering.”

Merino also showcased its commitment to digital enablement by offering live demonstrations on the BIM catalogue, the industry first solution from Merino that enables architect and designers to incorporate laminate designs into their projects easily and accurately. In addition, key facts about ‘Project Nirmal’ were also on display, showcasing Merino’s holistic approach to design and sustainability.

Right from ‘Project Nirmal’ to the ‘Architecture Ideas’ contest, alongside the impeccable showcase at FOAID 2023, Merino is leaving no stones unturned to foster a culture of collective upliftment, one for the interior, furniture and architectural ecosystem. The company’s commitment to add value to the industry has paved the way for better innovation and design.

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