MetGain – World’s first decentralized marketplace with blockchain infrastructure

By introducing this platform, MetGain wants to create a financial independent community which can thrive owing to their strategic approach.

MetGain has emerged as the most transparent, P2P and decentralized support system in the world, having made its presence felt within a short period of its launch. It has come out as an impactful multi blockchain funded platform that has been successful in bridging the gap between the investor and fundraiser. Helping newly introduced projects which are still in their nascent stages and pushing the ever-growing ecosystem to boost unrestricted transactions that invest in crowdfunding space, MetGain has made a strong foothold in the industry, which has earned them global recognition.

MetGain is built on a powerful and most efficient platform that works on the TRC or Tron (a sovereign blockchain), which is known to cover multiple services seamlessly. The platform comprises a complete ecosystem and has a number of features like NFT marketplace, staking, and exchange. Alongwith its attractive features, its dedicated marketplace will help connecting to decentralized communities that will enable users to own exclusive rights to characters, music, videos, unique themes, and much more.

MetGain has been specifically created to push the DeFi sphere to optimum levels by introducing some robust features like crypto swapping which makes the financial system more accessible. One of the major highlights that makes MetGain stand out is its digital wallet, which allows investors to generate maximum yields to the user’s crypto asset. There’s also a dedicated launchpad through which users can set up their coins and raise resources for their invested amounts. There are a host of other features that make MetGain stand out as a powerful platform.

Owing to the current scenario, where rug pull scams are common, MetGain has taken special efforts to amalgamate many robust features which shield the investments of users. Their smart contracts ensure automated lock and liquidity on every transaction, which drives the sellers to lock their funds for the specified duration. This feature protects the investments as the investors can purchase presale tokens without worrying about frauds as the liquidity lock duration is mentioned on the launch page which keeps scammers miles away from the platform due to the liquidity clause.

Furthermore, there are a host of other features like METPAY and METG token which makes using this platform an ideal choice & *METG Token is currently priced as 0.76$* which is gradually increasing.

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