Milton and Kala Ghoda Unite for Artful Sustainability Revolution

Mumbai, 23rd Jan, 2024 — Milton, a pioneer in home essentials, proudly announces its partnership with the renowned Kala Ghoda Art Festival, a celebration of art and culture held annually in Mumbai. This marks the first-ever collaboration between Milton and the prestigious festival, reinforcing brand’s commitment to sustainability and cultural enrichment.

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival, organized by the Kala Ghoda Association, has been a cornerstone of Mumbai’s cultural scene since its inception in 1999. The nine-day extravaganza attracts art enthusiasts from across the nation and the globe, showcasing diverse sections such as dance, music, theatre, films, food, literature, heritage, architecture, stand-up comedy, children’s activities, and Visual art, making it a truly unique experience.

As Associate Sponsors of the event, Milton is proud to play a vital role in supporting and propagating the message of Environmental stewardship throughout the festival. The brand has curated a range of engaging activities aimed at cultivating a sense of environmental responsibility among festival-goers.

Key Initiatives by Milton at Kala Ghoda Art Festival:

Pledge Gate at Rampart Road: An interactive installation featuring Milton’s colored steel bottles, allowing participants to scan a QR code and take a pledge to reduce or reuse single-use plastics.

Plastic to Steel Installation at Cross-Maidan: A compelling art installation encouraging attendees to abandon plastic in favor of sustainable steel alternatives.

Gaming Engagement Kiosk: A fun-filled kiosk featuring engaging games like ring-throw, aimed at educating and entertaining participants about sustainability.

Food Workshops with Milton Procook Cooking Range: Renowned chefs will lead engaging food workshops, shedding light on the significance of utilizing food-grade and sustainable materials in cookware for enhancing the culinary experience and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Instagram Booth – ProCook Avatar: Created an Instagram booth that captures the essence of culinary expertise. The installation features an Instagram feed post visual of a chef effortlessly tossing veggies in a pan, showcasing culinary skills. It includes a cutout for the face, allowing visitors to stand behind it and click pictures, creating a Pro Cook avatar experience. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in the world of professional cooking, adding a fun and interactive element to the overall experience.

In addition there will be “Art Competition for Children” providing a creative platform, with the winning drawing featured on a limited edition Milton bottle. Moreover, Milton will be offering “Limited Edition Kala Ghoda Bottles” exclusively for sale on its website, allowing attendees to take home a piece of the festival while promoting sustainability.

Speaking on the collaboration, Manisha Vaghani, Hamilton CSR Head said, “As Milton joins hands with the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, we are excited to contribute to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Mumbai and champion the cause of sustainability. These initiatives underscore our dedication to making a positive impact on both cultural experiences and environmental consciousness.”

Brinda Miller, Chairperson of Kala Ghoda Association added, “We are excited to embrace Milton’s steadfast commitment to elevating the festival experience and leading the way in championing sustainability. This strategic partnership introduces a fresh and dynamic perspective to our celebration of art and culture. We are confident that this collaboration will not only enhance the overall attendee experience but also serve as an inspiration for a broader audience to wholeheartedly embrace the essential intersection of art and sustainability.”

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