Moneycontrol brings US stocks action for Indian investors with its latest offering — US Markets

~ The US Markets section will provide Live prices, Financials, advanced charts of US indices and all updates related to US stocks such as Google, Tesla, and Amazon ~

19th September 2022: Moneycontrol, India’s leading markets and finance platform, has launched an exclusive US Markets section, to provide Indian investors with accurate, comprehensive knowledge about US stock markets.

With this dedicated section, Moneycontrol is offering advanced data points and a first-of-its-kind market map that enables investors to track all the action on their preferred US stocks, in real time. Replete with live updates on current events, buzzing sectors and the biggest moves from FAANG stocks such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix to Microsoft, US Markets will exponentially improve India’s grasp over the behaviour of US equity.

The United States continues to influence the world economy with its stock market behaviour. An American stock is of premium value to Indian investors, many of whom have been exploring different websites online for years to collate reliable and updated information on how US stocks function. Decoding that pain point with a one-stop solution. Users can gain all this just by visiting

The sophisticated nature of US financial stocks makes them one of the topmost investment options globally. The latest offering from Moneycontrol, US Markets, has an array of identifiers such as Market Movers- which highlights the Gainers and Losers in the top index like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 respectively; Sector Performance, which sorts sectors based on performance in market cap; and Market Map, which enables assessing stock performance in a particular index. It also provides Key Indicators, Economic Calendar, Invest in US funds, the Top Cryptos exchanges, and US market news, to keep its consumers updated with every vital indicator. Accessible via the Markets option on Moneycontrol’s website and mobile app, US Markets can be tracked on the go.

Speaking about the benefits of this US Markets section, Manoj Nagpal, Business Head, B2C Revenue, Moneycontrol, said, “More and more Indians are diversifying globally by investing in the US markets – which constitutes nearly 60 percent of the global market cap. Serving our users who demand deeper insights into US stocks within Moneycontrol, and helping them understand and track the US market, we have initiated this detailed coverage. Moneycontrol, through this extensive section, will empower such investors with the right knowledge about US stock market dynamics on a real-time basis, thus helping them to track their global investments accurately.”

Moneycontrol is a leading authority in awareness about Indian business and finance. Its integrated platform provides astute market coverage, analysis, and expert opinions. Moneycontrol’s advanced financial tools on profit/loss, dividends, and other metrics enable investors to make wise decisions. Since 1999, the platform has been charting the growth of Indian economy and has now expanded its expertise beyond national borders.

Users can explore US Markets through this link –

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