MOU signed between MB Power and SECL for backfilling of abandoned mine with fly ash

12.12.2022: An MOU was signed on 7.12.2022 between SECL and MB Power to backfill an abandoned mine with fly ash in the Jamuna-Kotma area. Mr. Basanta Kumar Mishra, COO and Plant Head, MB Power, and Mr. Harjit Singh, General Manager (Operations) signed this agreement in the presence of Mr. Sanjiv Mehra, Regional Officer, MP Pollution Control Board and Mr. Sudhir Kumar, General Manager, SECL, Jamuna-Kotma. MR. Ajit Chopde, Head (O&M), Mr. RK Khatana, Head of Site Human Resources and Administration, and Mr. Bhola Kushwaha, Head of Environment, MB Power were also present during the event.

MB Power’s initiative to backfill abandoned mines under strict rules and regulations started in 2017. With key support from Mr. Sanjiv Mehra and SECL management, MB Power has received permission to backfill two abandoned mines. This is a major initiative to reclaim land for future human use. MB Power is dedicated to 100% fly ash utilization and has been successful in achieving this target for the past 5 years. Fly ash generated in the power production process is used in ash bricks, cement production, ready-mix concrete, road-flyover construction, geo-polymer-based materials, barrage construction, backfilling of low-lying areas, abandoned mines and reclamation of land for agricultural use.

60 % of fly ash generated from MB Power Plant is supplied to Cement factories, and the rest is used in bricks and block manufacturing industries, backfilling of low-lying areas and abandoned mines. Backfilling with fly ash is performed with due permission from the MP Pollution Control Board under strict rules and regulations. It is conducted under strict monitoring of the pollution board. Low-lying areas in villages Laharpur, Guwari, Chhulha, Jaithari, Jamudi, Paraswar, Rajendragram, Dhangawan, Bakahi, Sakra, etc., have been backfilled with permission and under strict monitoring. Reclamation of land with fly ash not only creates land for human use but also checks the threat of accidents for human pollution and cattle. MB Power Management appreciates the support by Mr. Sanjeev Mehra in getting the permission for the filling of the above mine and expresses its gratitude to him.

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