Musical comedy play “Love Online – The Bollywood Café”

Reviving the Bollywood retro romance era

16 August 2023, 7:30 pm Kamani Auditorium, Delhi

New Delhi, August 2023 – The Kanupriya Theatre Company in association with Shaswat Entertainment will present “Love Online – The Bollywood Café,” a captivating romantic Hinglish musical comedy play that pays homage to the enchanting Retro Romance Era of Bollywood. This delightful one-hour 30 mins theatrical production promises a fun-filled family-friendly experience, immersing the audience in the magical world of vintage Bollywood with 30 captivating songs and dances, will be held on 16 August 2023 at 7:30 pm, at Kamani Auditorium, Delhi.

The heartwarming story of “Love Online – The Bollywood Café” revolves around the serendipitous encounter of two strangers, Yash & Payal, in the virtual realm of Bollywood fandom. Both passionate admirers of Vintage Bollywood, embarking on an enchanting journey of friendship and romance, engaging in lively online conversations filled with their favourite songs from the bygone era. However, there’s a twist – Yash and Payal can only express themselves through beloved Bollywood melodies, adding musical enchantment to their interactions. As the audience delves deeper into the play, they will step into a world of legendary stars, where iconic moments from Madhubala’s Anarkali, Dev Anand’s charismatic charm, Sadhna’s simplicity, Shammi’s electrifying dance moves, the graceful Nargis, and the enigmatic presence of Rajesh Khanna come alive through over 30 mesmerizing songs and dazzling dance performances.

Supported by Dāsaprakāsh, Hauz Khas, Under the Direction of Aakshay Yaduvanshi, a seasoned playwright, actor, and director, “Love Online – The Bollywood Café” showcases a blend of nostalgia and humour. Aakshay’s decade-long career in the theatre industry, including mentorship under Ms. Kanupriya, a prominent theatre Director of Delhi, has shaped his creative vision, ensuring an unforgettable theatrical experience for the audience.

The cast features renowned actor’s Rakesh Bedi, celebrated for his comedic brilliance in films like “Chashme Buddoor” and popular television shows such as “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi.”, the versatile theatre persona and television actor Gunjan Shukla Sharma.

Other actors from the Kanupriya Theatre Company include Arin Sharma, Aakash Kumar, Gaurav Ahuja, Reema Vashisht Jasra, Abhishek Mishra, Shaswat Tyagi, Shubhangi Anand, Mohit Joshi, Ishita Saxena, Anupreeta Chatterjee, Akshat, Hritish Kansal, among others.

The play is scripted and created by Kanupriya, brings together her nearly 30 years of experience in the media industry. Kanupriya’s passion for storytelling, acting, and theatre has left an indelible mark, inspiring the Kanupriya Theatre Company to carry on her legacy and present her artistic brilliance on stage.

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