The boom in hospitality and tourism demands skilled professionals, creating opportunities for new talent to join the industry and explore careers in India and abroad. As per the Hospitality Global Market Report 2022, the global hospitality market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.1% and is expected to reach a staggering $6,715.27 billion by 2026. There is a high demand for proficient, adept talent right from the entry-level.

To prevent Indian students from missing out on opportunities and help them add global credentials early on in their career, an institutional tie-up with the reputed global hospitality brand American Hospitality Academy (AHA), namely AHA World Campus and AHA–IHMS has been initiated for Indian students. This step has been taken by MyFledge, a renowned institute for vocational and skill-oriented studies.

In the post-pandemic era, the demand for hospitality skills and talent in the global market has spiked. This is an effort to engage fresh talent and equip them with international credentials to help them get competitive offers from India and abroad. Students will be able to do their internships from international locations like USA, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar and Mauritius, taking advantage of its globalized network of institutes.

Ms. Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh, Myfledge, Founder commented “We believe in guiding our students based on future-led standards to help them be a part of a competent talent pool. The fast-growing hospitality and hotel management landscape needs agile, skilled professionals with quality international exposure to be able to keep up with evolving demands of the sectors. Our aim is to help students have an impressive resume and track record by the end of the course which opens gates to lucrative career options for them anywhere in the world”

In a move to broaden horizons, the courses will open a gateway to international careers for Indian students. Through this collaboration, there will be a variety of on-campus and online Hospitality and Culinary courses available for various durations (two years, one year, six months). With the global immersion program, students will be given an edge on the international hospitality and hotel management area.

Taking this Partnership Ahead, Mr. Samir Thapa, Director and Founding Partner, of American Hospitality Academy International Hotel Management Schools shared his thoughts “We are seeking to engage and create a community of thriving hospitality professionals through this partnership. We have seen India give promising talent to this sector and we are thrilled of being able to increase the number of opportunities by opening doors and inviting in students in the international arena of hospitality”

With 12 centers spread across India, Myfledge is leading the vocational and skill-development education space with its presence in various industries including aviation and hospitality, hotels and retail, mass communication and media, banking and finance, events and global management.

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