Naadbramha Idli: A Journey from a Small Restaurant to 47+ Franchises

When it comes to South Indian cuisine, the name of Naadbramha idli is unavoidable. They are famous for their healthy, authentic, and delicious idlis. Every South Indian food lover in Pune knows the way to Naadbramha Idlis, but their story is still unknown to many.
Let’s see how they made a place in the hearts of so many customers all over Maharashtra.

Naadbramha restaurant: The start of a remarkable journey
In 2016, Mr. Dattatray Nidvanche, Narsingh Biradar, Digambar Nidvanche, Harish Nidvanche, and Krishna Nidvanche came together to start a small restaurant in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Katraj, named Naadbramha. All the five partners were from different fields. Their different experiences paved their way to success.
Their mission was to deliver timely, healthy, hygienic food at a reasonable price so that customers could savour tasty food prepared with high-quality ingredients.

They were working hard to provide the best possible service to their customers and make them fall in love with their dishes. They decided to keep only two dishes in the restaurant and try to make them their strength.

Soon, people started loving their food as it was served fresh to every customer. They became everyone’s first choice. Naadbramha started to earn a good profit.

When a global pandemic of COVID-19 strikes,
In March 2020, India experienced its first lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Since that time, we have lived in lockdown for more than 6 months due to the pandemic. It was the time when the whole world turned upside down. The economic conditions of all countries were turning worse. Many people contracted the virus. People were losing their means of livelihood and were facing financial crises. Many businesses were shut down, especially restaurants, hotels, and other small-scale businesses.

An innovative solution to the problem.
To survive these tough circumstances, the directors of Naadbramha restaurant held a meeting with their marketing team. The agenda of the meeting was to find an innovative solution to the problem.

After a lot of discussions, they decided to provide only idli as their product and to come up with a unique cooking mechanism. After that, they met and discussed it with many factory owners and came up with a machinery-based cooking model for making idli.
With the implementation of these decisions, Naadbramha Idli was established on November 10th, 2020.
An ultimate game-changer.

This idea proved to be the ultimate game-changer for their business as it became highly successful. Today, based on this business model, Naadbramha Idli has 47+ franchises spread across Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, and Ahmednagar. These franchises sell the best idli in Maharashtra.

Recently, they won the de Asra Foundation Entrepreneur Excellence Award, 2022, by Dr. Anand Deshpande (Founder and Chairman of Persistent Systems).

Naadbramha Idli’s unique business model

The machinery-based cooking model of Naadbramha is a no-chef cooking model. The machine makes 120 idlis at a time. That means anyone can make these idlis. This made it easier for the franchisee to maintain the taste and quality of Naadbramha Idlis. It ensures it replaces unhealthy fast food. It makes it easier to provide fresh Idli, sambar, and coconut chutney to every customer.

Reasons behind choosing Idli as their product
Throughout the pandemic, the environment was extremely unhealthy. Idli is considered one of the healthiest Indian snacks. It’s cooked using steam, so it’s non-greasy. It is easy to digest. Along with that, it has a high nutritional value. When served with delicious coconut chutney and lip-smacking sambhar, it has a wonderful taste.
Many people gained weight during lockdown sitting at home, while some became fitness freaks. Idli is suitable for everyone as it is ideal for weight loss.

Apart from a great business model, they have great communication skills. They deal with their customers, franchisees, and everyone else in a very polite manner. This is also the reason why customers and franchisees are loyal to them.

It’s not the destination yet
Within a short period, Naadbramha Idli climbed the ladder of success. However, there’s still a long way to go.
Someone rightly said, “Dream big to achieve big”.

The vision of Naadbramha Idli is to make India a healthy country by serving healthy food and with their hard work and perseverance, they are constantly growing closer to their goal.
For all the obvious reasons, Naadbramha will soon be ruling over the fast-food industry in India. For more information visit:

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