“Naam se toh kaee, Kaam se Ek hi No.1”

JK Super Cement launches Ad-Commercial Campaign #KaamSeNumber1

Under the aegis of its legendary brand campaign #YehPuccaHai

New Delhi, July 2023: JK Cement Ltd. Unveils “Naam se toh kaee Kaam se Ek hi No.1” Campaign to redefine the concept of No.1 in the Cement Industry.

JK Cement Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers of cement in India, proudly announces the launch of its distinctive campaign, “Naam se toh kaee Kaam se Ek hi No.1” (Number 1 by Performance and Services). #KaamSeNumber1 initiative aims to redefine the concept of being No. 1 in the cement industry.

With a legacy spanning five decades, JK Cement Ltd. has established itself as a trusted name, catering to India’s diverse infrastructural needs. The company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with continuous technological advancements, has propelled it to the forefront of quality and excellence. To bring this narrative to the forefront, JK Cement Ltd. has released four captivating ad commercials that depict different scenarios in a multi-brand cement store, showcasing the challenges and demands of customers and offering innovative solutions and a different perception. These commercials seek to transform the perception of what defines the best cement, providing customers with a new perspective at the point of sale. The light hearted humorous conversations among customer, dealer, and engineer within the setting of a building material retail store serve as the backdrop for this strategic storytelling approach. Furthermore, the campaign takes the opportunity to showcase our differentiating factor from other brands in India – our Build Xpert Team and their exceptional On-Site Technical Services.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Pushp Raj Singh, Group President – Marketing at JK Cement Ltd., said, “Our goal with this campaign was to emphasize the superior quality of our products and showcase the trusted legacy of our brand. With 50 years of extensive and illustrious experience in the cement industry, we have built a strong foundation based on integrity, dedication, and continuous improvement in our products and processes. Every batch of JK Super Cement undergoes more than 200 BIS approved (Bureau of Indian Standards) quality tests, ensuring its excellence from raw materials to packaging, before it reaches the hands of the end consumer.”

Mr. Love Raghav, AVP & Head of Brand & Digital Marketing at JK Cement Ltd., sheds light on the campaign’s inception, stating, “Our journey began with an in-depth market research endeavor to understand consumer behavior, pain points, and preferences regarding cement purchases. Based on these insights, we designed a campaign that delivers a clear brand communication, highlights our core product capabilities, and addresses their pain points. The #KaamSeNumber1 campaign also promotes our On-Site Technical Services provided by our strong Build Xpert Team, where we prioritize our customers by offering valuable construction related services alongside top-quality products, ensuring a seamless experience, which sets us apart from other brands in India.

Mr. Nipun Arora, Founder of Social Cloud Ventures Pvt Ltd – The agency on record, added, “Our main challenge was to create a memorable, seamless campaign across various platforms and formats. We integrated this campaign highlighting key reasons to believe, a captivating hook, brand narrative, and unique selling points for each product, all within a concise 20-second timeframe. The result is a campaign with four films that address friction points and deliver impactful moments of truth.”

The JK Super Cement #KaamSeNumber1 campaign encompasses a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy, spanning digital, television, print, and social media platforms. By incorporating the theme of “Naam se toh kaee, Kaam se Ek hi No.1” (Number 1 by Performance and Services, not just the name), the campaign effectively communicates the brand’s trustworthiness, excellent quality, superior customer service, and product-level technological innovation and attributes.

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