Nanyang Polytechnic and Schneider Electric Launched One-Stop Sustainability Experience Centre to Introduce Green Solutions at Workplaces

 – 5 January 2022 – Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
and Schneider Electric have launched a one-stop Sustainability Experience
Centre to help Singapore’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) implement
green technologies at the workplace. This can help Singapore achieve its goal
of having at least 80% of buildings to be green by 2030, according to the
Building and Construction Authority’s Green Masterplan.

Dr Kan Ee May, Specialist
(Sustainability Engineering) and Lecturer, School of Engineering, Nanyang
Polytechnic (Far Right) and Mr Jackson Seng, Sustainability Business
Development Director, Schneider Electric (Second from Left) at the launch of
Nanyang Polytechnic’s Sustainability Experience Centre

A key showcase at the centre focuses on sustainable facilities management.
Augmented reality is tapped for instant diagnosis, and when coupled with contactless
and predictive maintenance, the overall power efficiency of a venue is significantly
improved. This helps
SMEs operate more sustainably and enhances the productivity of maintenance crew, as repairs and rectifications can be reliably predicted,
and preventive maintenance be made ahead of time.

At the centre, students from NYP’s School of Engineering will be able to
gain valuable hands-on experience in cutting edge solutions used by the
industry to meet sustainability goals. For example, students from NYP’s Diploma
in Electronic & Computer Engineering will learn how to integrate multiple
systems and devices to collect and analyse relevant data. The first-hand
experience would provide gainful insights to these students, thereby preparing
a steady pipeline of talents to meet the demands for sustainability solutions in
future industries.

NYP’s Principal & Chief Executive Officer, Ms Jeanne Liew, said: “We
are excited to partner Schneider Electric, one of the world’s leaders in energy
solutions, to launch NYP’s Sustainability Experience Centre. With NYP’s expertise in engineering systems and data analytics,
alongside Schneider Electric’s technology and solutions, SMEs will now have
easy access to kickstart their green journey. This is also a great opportunity to strengthen
and inculcate a sustainability-conscious mindset among our youth and empower
them to play a role in bringing about a greener future”.

Another key showcase at the Centre helps SMEs identify solutions to
optimise power usage and reduce energy consumption. With deft application of automation and sensors, lights would
be activated only in areas where needed; and data usage patterns can also be
analysed in real-time. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0 makes
this possible by pulling in data from a wide range of sensors, running an
analysis, and providing users with suggestions to maximise energy use and
reduce overall cost. It can also adjust lighting and temperature on the fly. According
to Singapore’s Energy Efficiency Programme Office (E²PO), occupancy sensors for
lighting controls can result in at least 50% energy savings[1] after implementation at workplaces. Implementing such energy efficient measures
helps SMEs reduce operating costs and become more competitive.

Electric and NYP are also co-training a nexus of future-ready workforce to meet
the increasing demands to help companies implement a sustainable transport
solution – through electric fleets. To date, staff from more than 20 SMEs have been
trained on the key skills of managing Electric Vehicles (EVs), including
setting up charging systems and processes for these EVs. To ensure buildings
have enough electric supply capacity for EV charging stations, Schneider
Electric also developed an EVlink Wallbox, to integrate with a load management
system to regulate the amount of electricity allocated for EV charging in
real-time. This allows building owners to deploy such sustainable solutions
with minimal infrastructure cost, while ensuring that critical functions are
prioritised to prevents electrical overload.

Cluster President, Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, Schneider Electric,
Yoon Young Kim, said: “Our commitment to fostering the next generation of
engineers and dedication to sustainability are core identities of Schneider
Electric. This opportunity to work with NYP is a perfect match with our DNA. We
have always been advocates of using cutting edge technology to help the
industry meet critical sustainability goals, and our own regional headquarters
at Kallang is a testament to that belief. The Sustainability Experience Centre
is a fantastic two-pronged approached where we can showcase our technology to
the industry while training the next generation who can help them implement
these solutions.”

The Centre was built with a strong sustainability focus, with most
materials being highly rated products under the Singapore Green Building
Product (SGBP) certification scheme administered by Singapore Green Building
Council (SGBC).

SGBC President Ar. Tang Kok Thye said: “Going green is not just the work
of the building and construction industry, everyone is a stakeholder and
beneficiary of a greener, healthier built environment. By putting together such
a showcase of proven sustainability solutions for students and industry to
learn from, we will be able to move the needle towards greater adoption and
advance the environment that we live, work and learn in to one that is better
for not just ourselves but for the next generation and beyond.”

Unilogic Technologies Pte Ltd and Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd are among companies
who have visited the Centre to learn more about the solutions they can readily adopt.

Jiehui Kia,
Development Manager, Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd, said, “Global and national climate targets have been set,
so we expect that sustainability will be a key priority for manufacturers in
Singapore. The launch of the Sustainability Experience Centre at NYP is timely,
as it brings together multiple solutions and integration possibilities and
demonstrate how these could work in one single location. This gives SMEs a good
starting point to learn about the solutions that may be relevant to us.”

The Sustainability Experience Centre will be conducting a workshop in March
2022 to help SMEs better analyse, identify and adopt relevant green solutions.
Companies keen to tour the centre or attend the workshop can email [email protected]
or 6550-0909 to register.


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