Nasobuddy Launches Innovative New Kit To Help Newborns and Their Parents Sleep Better

Nasobuddy has launched their innovative new ‘The Sleep Helper’ kit that features three products to help newborn babies sleep better, while also helping new parents get some precious sleep

Chennai: Nasobuddy is a designer and manufacturer of baby and mother care products. The company has now launched an innovative new product to help newborn babies sleep better, thus helping new parents get more sleep as well. ‘The Sleep Helper’ Kit by Nasobuddy contains three innovative products that have been shown to comfort babies and help them not only fall asleep faster, but also help them stay asleep throughout the night.

The kit has been developed by Dr. Sreenath who is a dad, a dentist and a certified sleep therapist. Having had personal experience with the stress parents face when a newborn faces sleep troubles, Dr. Sreenath dedicated himself to researching and developing a product that will help new parents sleep more during the night, so they can have more energy during the day to care for their newborn baby.

Dr. Sreenath made an official statement for the press “The fact that new parents aren’t getting much sleep isn’t a new one, but in order to fully appreciate just how precious sleep the first year of a baby’s life takes from you, you need to experience it firsthand. The exhaustion, the lack of support and the downright dread about another sleepless night for their baby & themselves.”

He further added “Each new parent loses 2-4 hrs of sleep every single night. This large sleep deficit accumulates and leads to unspoken stress and directly impacts mental and physical health of the mother and the dad too. The Nasobuddy Sleep Helper kit is designed to help babies sleep better. It works by activating the baby’s natural calming reflex. When the baby sleeps, the whole family sleeps better. “

Nasobuddy’s ‘The Sleep Helper’ Kit contains a Baby Shusher white noise machine to stop baby’s crying, a Colic Swaddle Belt that reduces colic pain associated with gastric issues faced by new born babies, along with a therapeutic Baby Lavender Balm that calms babies down and improves the sleep quality.

Ever since its inception in 2014, Nasobuddy has been at the helm of research and innovation and has successfully launched many innovative baby and mother care products in India. More details about the new Sleep Helper Kit can be seen on the official Nasobuddy website at

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